This Dutch startup plans to change the gaming industry forever with Blockchain Commerce

This Dutch startup plans to change the gaming industry forever with Blockchain Commerce

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Most people these days think of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies when they hear the term “Blockchain technology.” Having said that, the society is unraveling new use cases for blockchain technology as the time passes by. The Blockchain technology offers an enormous potential to disrupt entire industries and change the way business is done.

In addition to Banking, Health, Real Estate, and others, one more industry joining in the bandwagon is ‘Gaming.’ The merger of gaming and blockchain can produce a significant impact, as the emergence of online gaming a decade ago.

In this competitive world, companies are striving hard constantly to stand out from the crowd, and the real smartest way to do is to deliver the best user experience.

nTitle – Blockchain commerce solution

The Amsterdam blockchain startup nTitle is working towards removing the market monopoly of giant corporations and reducing commissions and restrictions of the current centralized marketplaces and payment systems. For the uninitiated, nTitle is an Amsterdam based blockchain software solutions company focused on the new blockchain commerce sector.

Explore new games through social media

Additionally, they have already worked alongside in projects like MakerDao for a few years now. MakerDao. Peter van Grinsven, Amsterdam based serial entrepreneur and CEO of nTitle, remarks: “The insight of nTitle is to sell right at the point of discovery, circumventing the bank, the payment provider and the e-commerce retail channel. Games are no longer discovered on traditional e-commerce marketplaces like Steam, but on social media, for example, through streamers on Twitch”.

Revolutionising gaming

In a 2018 survey amongst 4000 game developers, social media was considered to be the number 1 source for discovery of games. Also, the Independent Games sector is the ideal market to demonstrate the power and utility of the b-commerce solution.

Liquid Licensing platform

According to nTitle, the core of the b-commerce software is what they are called Liquid Licensing. This platform offers more control over digital properties including the right to resell or loan digital products on the blockchain to others.

With this, the digital properties become liquid and thus increase the value for the holder, developer, and publisher. The nTitle b-commerce solution consists of Mobile DApp and Web Dashboard with QR code functionality that supports sales at the point of discovery.

Massive benefits for game developers and gamers

With this, game developers are set to see huge benefits since they will no longer be tied to huge commission fees that come from the centralized marketplace. They also get profit from the introduction of game trading, opportunities for immediate funding of new projects through the platform and possibility to build armies of influencers to profit from their social reach.

For the gamers, they can purchase their favorite games at reduced prices. Also, they will be having more control over their digital properties where they can resell, lend, trade or rent their games to help recoup the cost of gaming. The gamers themselves experience many benefits including extra revenue streams, the ability to sponsor a game project and trying new games before launch as well.

Gathered experts and partners

The Dutch company has recruited advisors including Gavin Nicol, CTO of Context Labs and Anthony Eufemio, CTO and Co-Founder of Digix Global.

Additionally, the team has gathered a host of partners to the project, with Abstraction Games, Utomik, 3goo, and 3rdKind as well. The nTitle has been announced as an official esports sponsor recently.

Play nTitle Fury and win $200k

The company is kickstarting its campaign with the release of their blockchain racing game titled as nTitle Fury. By playing the game, checking out the demo of the b-commerce solution and sharing with friends, you can win a HUGE $200k prize pool. Further, nTitle has officially released the Whitepaper, whereas the Mobile Trading DApp Beta is ready for testing on the other hand.

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