London-based blockchain startup Nivaura raises €17.5M funding in a seed investment round

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Nivaura, a regulated blockchain fintech company focused on automating the issuance and administration processes for financial instruments has closed strategic funding round, raising in seed and seed extension capital from a number of prominent partners.

This recent investment, led by London Stock Exchange Group, will allow Nivaura to rapidly expand its leadership, business development and technical teams in order to accelerate growth. Technical market professional hires will enable Nivaura to move faster to complete product development and to ramp up expertise across machine learning and natural language processing, in line with clients’ increasingly complex automation needs. The company also plans to enter new jurisdictions and to cover new asset classes.

Nivaura: A capital market blockchain platform

Nivaura is a capital market blockchain platform which enables and regulates the issuance and administration of legally enforceable financial instruments with the use of blockchain technology.

The startup aims to automate the entire ecosystem for the issuance of financial instruments- bonds, equities, derivatives, in order to ensure that there is no human interference and corporate firms can have a proper self-service issuance process.

Founded in 2016 by CEO Dr. Avtar Sehra, Nivaura offers workflow management and process automation platform which places a major emphasis upon the primary issuance processes in capital markets.

Experts brought on board

In conjunction with the latest funding, some new employees have been brought on board. Senior Debt Capital Markets lawyer Richard Cohen has left Allen & Overy and has joined Nivaura’s General Counsel and Head of Strategy.

Investment banking veteran Spencer Lake, who was a former Head of Global Markets and Vice Chairman at HSBC’s Banking and Markets Division has joined Nivaura as a board member, investor and commercial advisor on business development of the team.

Nikhil Rathi, CEO of London Stock Exchange plc and Director of International Development, has also joined the board as an advisor, as LSEG is partnering with Nivauram and has taken a minority stake for an undisclosed amount.

Bringing revolution to investment banking arena

The startup’s emphasis is on the deployment of digital investment banking platforms for banks, exchanges and other financial institutions as well as dealers, so as to regulate their processes and decrease legacy infrastructure costs in major markets. However, no banks are backing the startup’s initiative to create a digital investment banking platform to develop new issue mechanisms.

Regarding the future plans of the company, Nivaura CEO Dr. Avtar Sehra stated, “a series of high-profile, large-scale projects with high-calibre partners to demonstrate our platform as a valuable solution across the full spectrum of capital markets primary issuance activities.”

He further added, “We’re seeing growing appetite from major financial institutions for practical innovation that goes beyond buzzwords and conceptual PoCs in ‘digital investment banking.”

Previously, Nivaura closed the original seed round in October 2017 and the first extension round in January 2018.

Plans to delve into new markets

This funding will be implemented to expand its leadership and business development, so as to enhance growth and to extend its business into the markets such as the US and Asia. Also, there will be new hirings to increase technical teams specialising in machine learning and natural language processing. Moreover, there will also be some investment in further research and development.

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