Blockport launches crypto trading platform: 3 ways Dutch startup makes it easy for Crypto novices

Blockport launches crypto trading platform: 3 ways Dutch startup makes it easy for Crypto novices

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Although the crypto market is down over 50% from 2018 highs, still every now and then there comes a Blockchain startup that has huge ambitions. One such startup is Blockport.  

Blockport, an Amsterdam-based social cryptocurrency exchange made its beta app live for a limited number of users. The trading app will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple using an intuitive user interface.

Its main features include a user-friendly design, an enhanced security/privacy set-up, knowledge sharing and social trading modules.

Here are the three ways Blockport makes it dead simple for users to trade cryptocurrencies.

#1 A user-friendly design

Unlike the usual crypto exchanges that have uber-technical user interfaces, Blockport has drastically simplified it’s website and made it easy to navigate the technicalities of crypto trading.

#2 Novice crypto traders can trade crypto coins by following experienced traders

Forget about using forums, exchange rate websites, and WhatsApp groups to learn about which currencies to trade. Unlike other crypto platforms where new traders are usually left at the mercy of the market, Blockport has added a fantastic feature. It allows new traders to follow the more experienced traders and mimic their trades.

The experienced traders in return earn Blockport tokens (token symbol BPT, available on KuCoin exchange) from the traders that follow them.

“The internet provides universal, decentralised access to knowledge and information. We are convinced that the society we live in is ready to take care of our money and other material possessions in the same distributed way. Blockchain makes it possible to turn those concepts into reality,” said Sebastiaan Lichter, founder and Chief of Products at Blockport.

#3 It’s focusing on users after raising capital in the token sale

What most of the Blockchain startups are doing is raising millions of dollars via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) without even having a functional product.

Blockport, after raising its total cap of 10M Euros within 15 minutes back in January this year, has taken a more prudent step by launching a limited beta of their app for three months.

“To ensure stability and security, users will gain access to a limited set of functionalities during this phase. In the next quarter, batches of new users, as well as new functionalities and cryptocurrencies, will be added to the platform,” said Sebastiaan Lichter.

It is pretty much that Blockport will establish a viable business model and use the funds to expand the business and launch new product features. This is much better than other Blockchain startups that raise millions but have no product in the market.

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