Dutch challenger bank bunq launches an API marketplace for developers

Dutch challenger bank bunq launches an API marketplace for developers

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In the recent development, bunq, an independent bank, has introduced a market place for developers to showcase apps built using the European challenger bank’s open API.

Developers can now be listed independently with their apps in which they’ve integrated bunq’s real-time payment system. Notably, bunq is the first bank to introduce a market place presenting apps built on its platform.

Through this platform, developers can market themselves to bunq users all over the world. Users can access various apps right from tracking spending habits to managing through their existing online banking credentials with just a click.

Founder and CEO Ali Niknam said:

bunq believes in innovation and transparency. That’s why, long before PSD2, we opened up our API. Being a bank built by fellow coders, bunq lets developers build unique apps that enrich the lives of all bunq users on top of a fully licensed bank. This way we’re spearheading innovation in the entire banking sector, not just in our services.

Using the bunq API, developers can connect to transactional data, push notifications, payment requests, cards, joint accounts and limits and budgets.

The first set of apps that go live on the API market place are Moneybird, Spend Cloud, Biscuit, Minox, Gekko and bunqDesktop.

For the uninitiated, bunq is independent bank that offers world-class mobile banking. No branch visits, no queues, no paperwork, just immediate access from a mobile device. Users can share bank accounts with whomever they want and pay with worldwide Maestro and Mastercards wherever they go. bunq is currently available in 8 European markets: the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and Ireland.

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