CES 2019: 10 Dutch HealthTech and MedTech startups to watch out for in 2019

CES 2019: 10 Dutch HealthTech and MedTech startups to watch out for in 2019

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The Netherlands is the birthplace of WiFi, Bluetooth, the compact disc and LED technology – as well as historic breakthroughs such as the wood saw, microscope and submarine. “This showcases our innovative Dutch skills and entrepreneurial spirit for tackling some of the world’s toughest societal challenges to find global solutions – not only in consumer technology but also in digital health, water management, agriculture, smart mobility and creating circular economies,” says, Gerbert Kunst, San Francisco-based Consul General of the Netherlands.

We are in early January and it’s time for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019, one of the biggest tech shows which takes place in Las Vegas every year around this time.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and StartupDelta recently announced that 50 Dutch startups will take part in the Holland Pavilion in the conference from January 8 – 11. According to the 2018 Global Innovation Index, the Netherlands ranks as the second most innovative country in the world, and first in logistic performance, cluster development, knowledge and technology outputs, and creative outputs. The country offers one of the most attractive startup ecosystems in the world, and the Dutch ‘can-do’ mentality makes the Netherlands a perfect incubator for startups who are working to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. From sea level rise to a sustainable, circular economy, the Netherlands is leading the world in diverse sectors such as medtech, cleantech, 3D printing and agtech.

“The Netherlands has world-class technology and entrepreneurs who like to use it to tackle major societal challenges,” says HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy at Startup Delta, the organisation working with public and private partners to strengthen and connect the Dutch startup ecosystem and help startups realise their global growth potential.

In the health tech and medtech startup category, there are companies that are specialised in wearables, sensors, headsets, apps and more. The entire category is a result of a tech revolution and it has reshaped the health and medical segment drastically. Given that the fusion of hardware and software along with analytics is the perfect blend for the right innovation, these startups are sure to be successful.

This year, at the ongoing CES 2019, a slew of health and medtech Dutch startups will be present showcasing their products to the attendees. Let’s take 10 such startups from below.

#1 Braincarta

Braincarta is a medical tech company founded by Professor Nick Ramsey of Neurosurgery department at the University Medical Center, Utrecht in 2015. Braincarta’s mission is to help mitigate the patient risk involved in brain surgery by implementing expert functional imaging in clinical practice. This is done based on certified and validated procedures and a blend of innovative and cost-efficient technology. The startup provides Elonav, which is an automated fMRI analysis and interpretation service.

#2 Breath in Balanz

In 2015, experiential experts and trained counsellors Nellie Bontekoe and Sonja Nijhuis joined hands to start Breath in Balanz. Their intention is to help people who find it difficult to deal with dysfunctional breathing due to causes such as anxiety, panic or stress. The company is developing BreathBalanz, a personal coaching feedback system that improves the breathing pattern of users. It comes with a sensor that can be controlled via Bluetooth.

#3 Propeaq

Propeaq, Tilburg-based tech company founded 2016 is also present at the CES 2109 tech show. The startup helps athletes all over the world prevent jet lag and get better sleep in order to boost their energy for a better performing day. Even sleep consultants and night workers find these glasses useful. These glasses will work along with a companion app. The company will showcase its product at the tech show in Las Vegas.

#4 Crescent Tech

Founded in 2017 in Amsterdam by Samy Ralph Andary and Bartosz Zabłocki, Crescent Tech offers the world’s first purpose-designed wearable dual camera headband called Crescent Vision. It lets surgeons capture and share real-time high-quality 3D images. The camera can be used as equipment for precision surgical procedures and will lower the costs and shorten the patient recovery times. The company also attended the CES Amsterdam 2018 tech show. Now, at the CES 2019 this week, they will showcase their latest working prototype.

#5 FaceCode

FaceCode founded in 2018 by Alain Dijkstra in the Netherlands aims to improvise the diagnosis and treatment of various skin disorders and diseases with the use of enhanced Face Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. It is a tailored treatment, which uses contemporary computer technology for the treatment. The company took the centre stage at the CES 2019 to launch Facecode.

#6 Kepler Vision

Kepler Vision was founded in 2018 in Amsterdam by Harro Stokman. So long, the company has raised nearly €1.7 million funding. The start develops vision-based body language recognition software. At the CES 2019, Kepler will show how body language recognition technology can help you realise your health care monitoring applications.

#7 Lea Robot Care Systems

This start was founded in 2014 by Maja Rudinac, Guus Liqui Lung, Aswin Chandarr and Machiel Bruinink. Robot Care Systems aims to introduce robotics products that will come into play when the human efforts stop or fall short. The start aims to make robotics available for all organizations and companies, consumers and institutions.

#8 Somnox

Somnox was founded by Stijn Antonisse. Julian Jagtenberg and Wouter Kooyman Van Guldener in October 2016 in Delft. The startup launched its Kickstarter campaign in late 2017 to introduce the world’s first sleep robot. The sleep robot is aimed to be the ultimate steep companion. As you sleep holding it, it will help you feel its breath, thereby relaxing your body and mind. The product was launched at the ongoing CES 2019 tech show in Las Vegas.

#9 UVisio

Founded in 2017, UVisio was founded by Larisa Kryuchkova and Vlad Hayrapetyan in Eindhoven. UVisio was started with the mission to develop a technology that will control the sun exposure. They have developed a comprehensive solution letting individuals control their exposure to factors such as UV. It also let them personalise their sun care and skin care routine. The startup is funded by HighTechXL and Startup Bootcamp.

#10 ECG-Excellence

Founded in 2018 by Peter van Dam in the Netherlands, ECG-Excellence has launched the next level Electrogram morphology diagnostics and prognosis. They have added advanced 3D imaging and use innovative software in order to diagnose cardiac diseases before the actual symptoms show up. The startup operates with the aim to save lives with ECG technology. This startup was also a part of Web Summit 2018 held in November.

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