Closure raises €300k in first seed funding: Female-founded Dutch startup helps cancel subscriptions of deceased loved ones

Closure raises €300k in first seed funding: Female-founded Dutch startup helps cancel subscriptions of deceased loved ones

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In a recent development, Closure, Dutch women-led startup, garnered €300K seed funding in its first round, aiming to accelerate the growth of its SaaS platform. The platform aims to resolve the emotional as well as digital processing of your deceased loved ones’ online accounts and subscriptions.

What is Closure?

Founded by Chantal van der Velde & Graciëlla van Hamersveld, Closure is a Rotterdam based startup which is offering users a digital platform that allows one to cancel all the subscriptions from telephone subscription to social media accounts in one place or transfer it to a different user.

This also includes telephone, gas, water, electricity, public transport, social media, insurance, bank accounts, charities and sports clubs. The service costing €99 is aiming to save time and expenses. The company has especially catered to saving the digital legacy of the deceased loved one. It has won the Philips Innovation Award in 2018 and is currently a finalist in the startup Award of TEDx Women.

€300k seed funding

At present, Closure’s online platform received a generous amount of €300K in its very first round of seed funding. One of the investors is Janneke Niessen; she is formerly the founder of adtech company Improve Digital and a known personality in the Dutch ecosystem.
This has instigated its expansion and popularity in the existing network in the Netherlands. The online completion of subscriptions, contracts and accounts after death has gained a lot of momentum in recent years. Closure aims to anchor its roots into this growing market.

The future of Closure

This massive investment has helped the company to gain support and partnership in order to expand its reach to the customers. This will ensure the deliverance of services which depends on the scalability of a company. Moreover, enterprises like Closure thrive on active collaborations from its partners.

Companies like KPN and Ardanta are providing their customers with the service of Closure free of charge. Tech investors have recognised the logic behind enterprises like Closure because it attempts to resolve the administrative burden of subscriptions and accounts.

With this investment, Closure is set to take the market by the storm. It is simultaneously providing administrative assistance and tapping into an arena which has promising business returns. Due to this, Closure has the potential to grow and rapidly expand not just in the Netherlands but across the world because it is dealing with the digital legacy which each individual is leaving behind unacknowledged and without any sense of completion.

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