DutchSec: This Utrecht-based cybersecurity startup just got a capital injection worth several million

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Netherlands-based IT security provider DutchSec has received a capital injection of an undisclosed amount, which is speculated to be worth several millions from Holland Capital and other private investors including Mamadoo Ventures, an investment handle of SecureLink entrepreneurs Hans Snel and Ruud Kroon.

These two investors will also provide commercial and strategic support to the startup. Based in Utrecht, DutchSec is known to place emphasis on data and context-driven security by working alongside hackers, who specialise in big data, machine learning and cybersecurity.

Why is the startup necessary in today’s time?

As the world is embracing complex technology and cloud-sharing techniques, cybersecurity has become an utmost important factor of a business. DutchSec offers a suite of cybersecurity products to banks as well as government institutions. Thus, allowing such institutions to prevent cyber-attacks, such as blasting servers with a DDoS attack or infiltration via malware.

DutchSec has products which enable the analysts to collect data and align it together from different channels in an efficient and automated manner. Later, the data is sorted and allocated under specific categories in real-time with the help of effective algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. Also, the startup has efficiently provided assistance to a vast number of non-public national security issues and sudden cyber incidents.

Where will the funds get utilised?

Founded in 2016, DutchSec will be implementing the latest funding to develop its products and scale-up its operations in other countries. The startup was found by Remco Verhoef and Bas Eikelenboom.

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