This Delft-based industrial drone startup raises Series A funding for international rollout

This Delft-based industrial drone startup raises Series A funding for international rollout

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Atmos UAV, a high-tech start-up from Delft founded in 2013, has raised funding from Disruptive Technology Ventures (DTV). Atmos has developed an industrial drone, which is an airplane and a helicopter crossover. You can see this drone already flying around the world helping professionals in mapping large land areas.

With the undisclosed Series A round of funding, the startup aims to scale up its product development, distribution, and support organization. The investment from DTV and previous investor Ad Scheepbouwer and the founders of Fox-IT will support the commercial rollout across the world.

Efficient surveying process

Atmos UAV developed a hybrid industrial grade photogrammetry drone, which makes the surveying process efficient and easy. Called Marlyn, this drone eliminates the hassles and risks associated with the take-off and landing of fixed-winged drones. All this is done without any compromise towards performance.

Marlyn combines the efficient flying of aircraft and vertical take-off and landing of helicopters. The patented technology help professionals make better decisions with detailed 2D or 3D models of project locations.

Integrated with different cameras, the drone lets professionals across industries perform detailed analyses and take precise measurements with high reliability. With these features, this drone can collect geographic data from the air with high levels of accuracy.

The drone works along with MarLynk, the company’s flight control software, which makes planning and controlling the drone intuitive.

Services a multitude of purposes

This drone from Atmos UAV serves a multitude of purposes. It can be used in land or construction surveying, open-pit mining, protection of environment forestry and precision agriculture.

With the outdated maps, planning and guiding expeditions in such applications are difficult. There could be impenetrable areas not seen in the maps. Eventually, the mission could be aborted prematurely. This is where the Marlyn comes to result. It helps professionals with high-resolution photographs and maps so that they understand the area in and out and plan their expeditions in a better way. This will save a lot of time and manpower.

Unique mapping tool

Marlyn UAV can withstand winds up to 6Bft during all the phases from take-off to landing. This capability makes it a unique professional mapping tool. The advantage of this drone with aerodynamically optimized wings than the fixed-wing drones is that the latter needs a large empty space to take-off and land, which isn’t available at all time.

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