These nine promising startups graduated from World Startup Factory

These nine promising startups graduated from World Startup Factory

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Nine startups in Blockchain, digital health, smart city, and building-tech last week demoed at the World Startup Factory’s (WSF) ‘Impact Accelerator #3’ event. The accelerator helps startups to expedite their ventures in The Hague by hooking them to potential board members, investors, and network partners. ‘Impact Accelerator’ is one of the four programs WSF runs. Other programs include Foodstars, Startups in residence, and the plastic free ocean accelerator. 

Nine startups with smart solutions to everyday problems

The following nine startups are set to participate in WSF’s ‘Impact Accelerator#3’ demo day event.

Clensta: An Indian startup with a strong focus on innovation to address personal hygiene-related concerns. It’s two key products include Clensta waterless shampoo and waterless body bath. Led by founder and CEO Dr. Puneet Gupta, Clensta provides waterless hygiene solutions for those with limited access to water supply.

Decibel.LIVE is a blockchain startup that builds sensors, small form-factor chips, and software to monitor noise pollution. Led by co-founders Shane Loomb and Vijay Kandy, the startup’s technology can be used by companies in construction & demolition and wind farms to gauge noise and air pollution.

Evalk has built an AI-software that translates sign language (ASL) to speech. Its app allows deaf people to be heard as the startup’s technology can be used by deaf people to make phone calls. Soon, the technology may end up being embedded in popular communication and collaboration tools like Skype/Slack or used as a tool to translate English to ASL, or ASL to Spanish, French or Chinese.

GIBBON can help frequent travelers to go luggage-less. It provides modular packs built for travel needs. It helps solve the recurring challenge of packing/unpacking, queuing at winding check-in counters, and lugging a heavy luggage around.

ModelMe3D provides 3D interactive digital master planning tool that can be used to plan and execute smart city projects. Based on ModelMe3D, it provides a 3D interactive modeling platform that transforms buildings, infrastructure, natural environment and future projects as “click-on” 3D objects revealing levels of detail.

My Clean City lets people in The Hauge city report trash next to garbage containers and in return earn GreenPoints. Its app can be used to directly report issues to the local Municipal body and notify your neighbors to prevent more clutter around the containers and your neighborhood.

Organic Love’s helps reduce oil in the mayonnaise up to 70% and replace it with healthy ingredients. Organic Love’s innovations created 5 healthy mayonnaise made of vegetables made by Michelin 3-stars chef. It plans to launch the products in supermarkets.

QdepQ, a startup company of the Delft University of Technology transforms videos and pictures from 2D to 3D in just a few seconds. For example, instruction videos for surgeons, Charlie Chaplin movies, or social media content can now be converted to 3D.

Qlikchain is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) startup using mobile & web platforms for any company or individual to digitize contracts and manage & trade assets on Blockchain. Its primary application is in supply chain transparency and sustainability. It is currently working with the Dutch flower suppliers to ensure the transparency between the farmers and the sellers.q;lochain

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