Do you have what it takes to win LOEY’s ‘most talented online entrepreneur’ award in 2018?

Do you have what it takes to win LOEY’s ‘most talented online entrepreneur’ award in 2018?

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LOEY Awards, a joint initiative of Endeit Capital and Peak Capital is holding LOEY 2018 Talent Award in which The Dutch public can nominate candidates from today until Friday 18 May. The current award is for the most talented online entrepreneur of 2018.

Who qualifies for LOEYs Talent Award?

Last year, Danique Wiltink, founder of Nimbles, an online platform that brings together parents and enterprising tutors won the Talent Award. In 2016, Hans Ober, the co-founder of second-hand ticket platform TicketSwap won this award.

The participants need to fulfill a criterion consisting of metrics related to:

#1 Growth

  • Has realized an annual turnover of at least 1 million euros with his / her company OR
  • Achieved strong growth (doubling) with his / her company in the company’s most important KPIs or has collected minimum investments of €500,000

#2 Innovation 

  • Has a flexible online business model
  • Is disruptive with his/her company in a traditional method and/or business model

#3 Inspiration 

  • The entrepreneur is a source of inspiration for others who work in the Dutch online industry OR
  • The entrepreneur has a clear vision on the future of the online industry and the digital world

LOEYs Hall of fame

Other than the Talent Award, LOEY also confers the LOEY Award reserved for more established and successful Dutch internet entrepreneurs. LOEY Award recipients are part of LOEYs ‘Hall of Fame’.

If you win the Talent Award, you’ve got a better chance to win the main LOEY Award in the future.

LOEY Award has been bestowed on some of the best Dutch entrepreneurs, including Bas Beerens, co-founder of online file sharing company WeTransfer. To get inspired, below is a list of Dutch entrepreneurs from LOEYs hall of fame.

#1 Jouk Pleiter of Backbase 

Last year, Jouk Pleiter received the LOEY Award 2017. Jouk founded Backbase, a digital banking platform.

#2 Bas Beerens of WeTransfer – 2016

Bas Beerens and Nalden co-founded WeTransfer, an online service to share large files. The service is active in 220 countries and the company has received €20.8 in total equity funding to date.

#3 Steven Schuurman of Elasticsearch – 2015

Founded by Shay Banon and Steven Schuurman in 2012, Elastic Search’s co-founder Steven Schuurman received LOEYs Talent Award in 2015. Elastic has so far raised €86.7M in venture funding.

#4 Marco Aarnink of WeTransfer – 2014

Marco Aarnink, the founder of Druckwerkdeal and Print Deal received the award in 2014. He sold to Vistaprint for  €24M in a deal termed as ‘a dream takeover’.

#5 Rogier Thewessen of StudentWork – 2013

Rogier Thewessen founded StudentWork (rebranded as Young Capital) in 2000 when he and his two companions were still studying.

#6 Pieter Zwart of Coolblue – 2012

Pieter Zwart is the founder and director of Coolblue, a Dutch company that recently posted  €1 billion in annual revenues. Pieter received the award in 2012, 13 years after Pieter founded Coolblue.

#7 Peter Driessen of Spil Games – 2011

Peter Driessen started Spil Games in 2001 together with Bennie Eeftink. He obtained the LOEY Talent Award in 2011.

#8 Stephan Bosman of Zoover – 2010

Stephan Bosman of Zoover received the first LOEY Award in 2010. His company was sold in 2012 to the German Tomorrow Focus AG.

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