Dutch app-only supermarket creates waves with the largest seed funding round

Dutch app-only supermarket creates waves with the largest seed funding round

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Crisp, a Dutch app-only supermarket, gathers the largest seed funding round in Beneflux in the last three years. It aims to deliver the freshest product from the source to the customer assisted by quality service.

Raised €3 million in seed capital

The startup has been credited for raising their first funding round in only ten weeks and has got overwhelming support in terms of its subscriptions. By raising €3 million in seed capital, Crisp has set the record straight by being the highest numbers in the past three years in the Benelux region, according to start-up database Dealroom.co.

Unique app-only supermarket

It will not be much of a surprise when one is told that the Dutch company is giving customers the first and one of a kind app-only supermarket which delivers food straight from the source.

Launched on 14th of November and founded by Tom Peeters, Michiel Roodenburg, René Bink and Eric Klaassen, Crisp is set to take the market by the wave with its easy to access and top quality for their users. Affordable prices and freshest quality products are icing on the cake for Crisp’s customers. The app showcases top-notch quality products from a range of approximately 200 suppliers, inclusive of small and local specialists.

Aims to deliver the best quality

Tom Peeters, the founder of the Crisp, has a history of creating market waves by business enterprises, one like Crisp. He has co-founded Westwing which is a successful international e-commerce business that recently IPO’d in Frankfurt. Crisp hinges on its USP which is offering the freshest quality product that is handpicked from the source of the product itself.

So one can get Mussels from a family owned ‘Neeltje Jans’ on the Dutch south coast to the North Sea fish, which comes straight to your doorstep from the TX36 fishing boat. Crisp aims to deliver the best quality food available to people across the country. Crisp’s services like the next day delivery, throughout the country which covers six days a week, within an hour time slot is an additional advantage.

The sustainable way!

Crisp has caught the attention because it is focussing on changing market standards and consumer needs. With the rise in health consciousness among people, the consumers are not shying away from paying more for the food. Moreover, with the growth of e-commerce websites and application, it is more comfortable to order the best to your households. Crisp cashes on these trends and attempts to deliver the requirement with quick services. After all, who doesn’t like to be healthy!

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