Dutch electric scooter startup felyx raises €3M for expansion in Rotterdam

Dutch electric scooter startup felyx raises €3M for expansion in Rotterdam

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The electric scooter startup from Amsterdam — felyx has recently announced that it will expand to Rotterdam. The expansion is possible thanks to an investment of €2 million, the company raised through a combination of private investors and ABN AMRO bank.

Earlier this year, felyx also raised 1 million for further growth of the organization. The earlier investment was made by informal investors, Anne-Marie Rakhorst, entrepreneur and the founder of Duurzaamheid.nl. Unlike Bird and LimeBike that offer stand-up scooters, felyx offers larger electric ‘mopeds’ suitable for two people to drive.

According to the press release, thousands of users currently share around 108 felyx electric scooters in Amsterdam. Now, the startup aims to start the shared mobility concept with 324 e-scooters in Rotterdam.

felyx— How does it work?

The dark green electric scooters are already part of the streetscape in Amsterdam. Consumers can easily rent the e-scooters through the felyx app for Apple and Android. Driving costs €0,30 per minute, and users do not have to worry about maintenance or parking spots for the vehicles.

felyx successfully launched the sharing concept in Amsterdam, where the e-scooters can be collected and dropped everywhere within the service area. Their well-thought-out approach to this ‘free-floating’ principle prevents (parking) issues. The prevention of nuisance was also an important condition for the company to start in Rotterdam.

The launch of felyx in Rotterdam is an important milestone for co-founder Quinten Selhorst, as he was quoted saying, “Our goal is not only to move around people, but also to make cities more livable. When people leave cars and taxis, they will not only benefit from less congestion and emissions, but they will also get from A to B faster. A survey amongst our users shows that 50 percent would have used a (shared) car or taxi if felyx would not have been available for their last trip. We also offer a great alternative for everyone who has their own (gasoline) scooter or wants to buy one. We think Rotterdam is ready for felyx. And after Rotterdam, who knows… There are many more cities in The Netherlands, but also in Europe, where our shared green scooters can improve mobility and air quality for users and inhabitants.”

100% electric and green energy

The e-scooters from felyx are not only painted green, they are also 100% electric and powered by green energy from thw Dutch wind. In the past year, the e-scooters drove 430.000 km, saving 50 tons of CO2. The extraction of this amount of CO2 from the air would require 2.500 trees to grow for one year.

Further, felyx will start testing in Rotterdam next month and expects to open the service to everyone in September 2018.

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