Dutch fintech job sector growing steady with 6,5%, but no Brexit-effect yet

Dutch fintech job sector growing steady with 6,5%, but no Brexit-effect yet

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If you frequently read our site, or any other startup news medium, it seems like it’s all about fintech at the moment. This trend is set to continue for a bit longer, as research by German meta jobsearch engine Joblift shows that job opportunities in the Dutch fintech sector have been growing at a steady rate of 6,5% over the past year. The “Brexit-effect” that continental Europe was hoping for is nowhere to be seen though.

On par with Germany

Just last month Joblift published the insightful findings of their research into the Dutch startup job market. Now they have investigated the fintech-sector specifically. In its research Joblift compared the Dutch Fintech jobmarket with that of surrounding countries. The Netherlands are on par with its German neighbours who also had a 6,5% growth in fintech job openings. Obviously the number of jobs next door is a bit higher with a total of 2799 German job vacancies versus 1824 Dutch job openings. The French fintech-sector had a slightly bigger growth at 8%, but with a total of 1229 job vacancies it is nowhere near its northern neighbours yet. The biggest employers in the Dutch fintech market are BinckBank who had 222 job openings and Backbase with 177 vacancies. Third and fourth place are for Adyen which was looking for 111 new employees and Topicus which had 106 job openings.

fintech-670Britain still Brexit-proof

Ever since the result of the Brexit referendum became clear, there have been rumours about British businesses moving to the European mainland. Local businesses started to look forward to an influx of London-based companies relocating to Amsterdam. The stats show however that the UK is still the undisputed king of fintech, and that financial companies are in no rush to flee the City. In the past year, there were 3261 fintech job openings in the UK. The growth percentage is a bit lower at 4,5% but the volume is still higher than that of France and the Netherlands combined.

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