Dutch scaleup Takeaway growing rapidly in Germany: Tough competition with Delivery Hero continues

Dutch scaleup Takeaway growing rapidly in Germany: Tough competition with Delivery Hero continues

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Takeaway.com, the parent company of Dutch scaleup Thuisbezorgd.nl looks to be proliferating in Germany. According to the official press statement released by the company recently, the number of German orders grew by 40 percent in the third quarter of this financial year compared to the same quarter last year. Last year the company accumulated 5,828 orders, while this year reached 8,159.

What about pan-European growth?

Apart from the German market, Takeaway.com also saw an increase in orders in the Netherlands and other leading European markets. In the Netherlands, their Q3 2017 report reveals that the online food delivery company gathered 7,038 orders, while in Q3 2018 the company accumulated 8,225 orders which is a 17 percent increase.

As far as the other leading markets are concerned, including Belgium, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and Israel, the scaleup was able to gather 4,150 orders in Q3 2017 and 5,929 orders in Q3 2018, making it a 43 percent increase.

The total number of orders rose by 31 percent, the company announced in the official trade update. Whereas, in the Netherlands, where the company is already a market leader, the number of orders grew by 17 percent compared to a year earlier.

Jitse Groen, CEO of Takeaway.com, “In the third quarter of 2018, Takeaway.com increased its orders by 31% compared with the third quarter of 2017. In Germany, our order growth accelerated for the third consecutive quarter, outpacing last year’s third quarter growth. We will use the current momentum to position ourselves for further incremental growth. In many of the 33 European cities in which we offer our restaurant delivery service Scoober, we are already by far the largest food delivery brand as well as the largest logistical service. To become the largest logistical player in every Scoober city, we will increase our investments. We still expect the company to turn EBITDA positive in or before the third quarter of 2019.”

Battle for Dominance

With Takeaway hacking growth in the German market, the struggle for dominance is getting pretty fierce with another market leader in the industry Delivery Hero. Headquartered in Berlin, the online meal delivery giant clocked a strong half-year results in 2018, by increasing the revenue by 60%.

Takeaway.com – How does it work

On the other hand, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Takeaway.com is focused on connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform in 10 European countries, Israel and Vietnam. With the Takeaway.com app, customers can order from any local restaurant. Users can either pay either by cash, PayPal or credit card.

So far, Takeaway has raised around €86 million in two funding rounds led by Prime Ventures, Macquarie Group. The company is focused on connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform. With 31,000 connected restaurants, mainly delivery restaurants, Takeaway offers a wide variety of food choices.

Meanwhile, the company has made many acquisitions including Foodarena, Oliviera and BGmenu, JustEat and Lieferando.

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