Dutch startup Fixico teams up with Aon to launch digital platform for Belgium fleet market

Dutch startup Fixico teams up with Aon to launch digital platform for Belgium fleet market

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Amsterdam-based online car damage repair platform Fixico has recently announced plans to develop a digital platform for Aon, a specialist in risk management in the automotive sector, based on its digital claims handling platform. Aon will use the digital platform for claims handling in the fleet market in Belgium.

Further, the digital car body repair solution will merge the claim management services of Aon with the digital platform of Fixico.

Cutting-edge car repair solution

Both Aon and Fixico are to launch an innovative digital platform to handle car repair. This cutting-edge damage handling digital solution is meant to boost the driver satisfaction, bright transparency and insight to the involved parties and reduce the repair cycle time and costs.

A wide network of repair shops

Fixico’s digital platform is used by insurers, car owners, leasing companies and fleet management to compare and avail the best offers for car repairs. Operating in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and South Africa, this service has a wide network of 1,500 high-quality repair shops.

Operates in 120 countries

Aon is one of the leading global providers of risk management, outsourcing services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human resources solutions. This company operates in 120 countries across the world and uses proprietary data and analytics to provide its clients with insights that minimise volatility and improve performance.

150,000 damages and counting

Dutch startup Fixico is a fast-growing company in reinventing the automotive repair segment. It is an online platform that manages the car damage repair handling process. It was founded in 2014 by Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries and Mark van Laar. Till date, the company has managed to handle 150,000 damages successfully. And, with this collaboration, this count is sure to go high.

Beneficial for Aon’s customers

This collaboration between Aon and Fixico will be beneficial for the customers of Aon. It will let them save the repair cost and time with the entirely digitalised process, innovative utilisation of the repair shops’ workload and cutting non-value-adding activities.

“As the front-runner in risk management and insurance brokerage, we always strive to offer our clients the most promising and innovative solutions available. Therefore, we have launched a pioneering digital claim handling proposition together with Fixico, a dynamic and fast-growing tech company. “We are delighted to be the first to bring this innovative offering to the Belgian fleet market,” said Al Pijnacker, Managing Director Automotive-Marine-Affinity at Aon Belgium.

“The repair handling space is on the verge of a radical transformation, fueled by digitisation and innovation,” said Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, Fixico’s CEO and Co-founder. “We’re thrilled to partner with the leading player in the fleet industry in Belgium. Aon shares our commitment to reshape and improve the process of managing car damage repairs. Together, we can seamlessly connect high-quality repairers, claim handlers and fleet drivers and by harnessing the power of our digital platform, we can deliver great value to all parties involved.

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