Harver raises €13.5M in Series B financing: 4 important things to know about the Dutch HR tech startup

Harver raises €13.5M in Series B financing: 4 important things to know about the Dutch HR tech startup

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Finding an appropriate candidate with the right skill set and culture fit remains a challenge for every organisation. To make the recruitment process faster and sustainable, more companies are using pre-employment assessments using various tools.

What it pre-employment assessment?

In general, it refers to the tool or tests used to determine the critical competencies of the candidates to find the best match for the job and organisation. It comes in various sizes and shapes right from personality and skill assessments to culture fit, cognitive ability assessments, and much more.

Raised €13 million!

In this regard, Harver, a Dutch tech startup that offers a  pre-employment assessment platform, has secured $15M (approx €13.5 million) in Series B funding, led by Insight Partners.

The company intends to utilise this funding to reinvent the volume recruitment process through digital automation. Furthermore, Harver will continue to expand on its product development and matching engine.

Barend Raaff co-founder and CEO at Harver, says:

This substantial investment from Insight Partners will give us the support we need to expand our product and connect with more companies looking to innovate and transform their recruitment practices.

Since the company is up to disrupting an industry that has until now relied on a recruiter’s judgment only, we decided to take a look at four important things that the startup takes care of.

Pre-employment assessment platform 

Founded in 2015 by Barend Raaff, Harver is a candidate selection platform designed to enable innovative companies around the world to hire better, and faster.

The company aims to digitally transform the candidate selection process into experience, where everyone, including recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates love.

Employee screening with Harver

Harver makes the job of a recruiter easier by predicting which applicants will perform best on the job, thus eliminating the need to have lengthy and often ineffective rounds of employee screening and selection.

Peter Segall, Managing Director at Insight Partners, said:

We are excited to continue our partnership with Harver and see it evolve into an industry leader within the recruitment technology space.

15 customisable assessment modules

This platform comes equipped with 15 customisable assessment modules, including culture fit, cognitive ability, personality, multitasking, and more. Notably, numerous companies like Netflix, Uber, Booking.com, and Heineken use Harver to transform their candidate selection process digitally. It has offices in Amsterdam, NY, and London.

Unbiased, accurate, and efficient!

Harver’s software allows companies and applicants to eliminate the resume, establishing a more accurate and effective hiring process while also removing hiring bias and discrimination.

Through automating the application process, Harver analyses modules, tests, and assessments to match the right candidate to the job without factoring in age, name, and other factors.

Segall added,

In just a few years, Harver has completely transformed the candidate selection process of enterprise organizations worldwide. They offer solutions that revolutionize how companies evaluate and hire top talent.

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