Dutch startup LUMICKS partners with University of Cambridge to introduce advance healthcare

Dutch startup LUMICKS partners with University of Cambridge to introduce advance healthcare

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LUMICKS, a Dutch startup, originally an academic spin-off from the VU University Amsterdam, is at the cutting edge of molecular research.

The startup has partnered with AstraZeneca and Cambridge University to form a center of excellence based on LUMICKS’ C-Trap optical tweezers-fluorescence microscope. The microscope is first of its kind that provides in-depth single molecule analysis. The microscope will also help in drug discovery and find fundamental cause of disease.

Here are some facts that reveal LUMICKS is on its way to becoming the next hot startup in bio-pharma research and life-science equipment markets.

#1 LUMICKS has advanced product portfolio to support customers

The startup has an impressive product portfolio despite being a young. Its flagship product is C-Trap, the world’s first instrument that allows simultaneous manipulation and visualization of molecular interactions in real-time.

Other products include m-Trap optical tweezers, AFS Acoustic Force Spectroscopy, and u-Flux Laminar Flow Microfluidics. The m-Trap product was also installed at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to investigate the structure and dynamics of proteins.

#2 Renowned institutions are customers of LUMICKS C-Trap product

The Dutch company was able to onboard several high-profile clients like The Bustamante Lab at UC Berkeley, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Imperial College London, England, Ludwig Maximilian University, and Semmelweis University.

With several high-profile research and educational institutions using LUMICKS other products as well, it’s obvious that they’ve built an impressive client portfolio.

#3 LUMICKS has a stellar team

LUMICKS has a stellar team which includes management, employees, and advisors.  

The founding team and the management belongs to alumni of leading companies like CEO Olivier Heyning from ThermoFisher, head of sales Willem Peutz who previously worked at Mckinsey and Shell, and CFO Bauke van Rhijn from ING’s Corporate Finance division.

LUMICKS has a team of advisors which include seasoned life science venture capitalist Pieter van der Meer, Erik Walldén as the Chairman supervisory board (having 30 years of Life Science & Biotech executive experience), and Don Kania who worked as CEO at FEI for 10 yrs (acquired by Thermo Fisher).

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