Dutch startup Mollie partners with Sweden’s Klarna to make online shopping easy

Dutch startup Mollie partners with Sweden’s Klarna to make online shopping easy

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Swedish startup Klarna, the supplier of payment and solutions for webshops, and Mollie, a startup based in Amsterdam and payment service provider have joined hands to provide an easier online shopping experience in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland.

The two companies share the philosophy of making online shopping as easy as possible. Klarna’s payment solutions are now available as standard for the 55,000 large and small webshops in Europe that have payments processed by Mollie. With this, e-commerce entrepreneurs can say goodbye in having to deal with many different contracts around the payment area of their store.

How this benefits entrepreneurs and consumers

With the new partnership between the two companies, e-commerce entrepreneurs and consumers will get to enjoy a number of benefits such as:

Firstly, new customers of Mollie now have Klarna’s payment solutions as a standard in their offer. Meanwhile, the webshop owners who are already using Mollie can add Klarna’s payment solutions at a touch of a button.

The second one is providing simpler payment methods. As already mentioned, both startups aim to make online shopping as easy as possible. With their partnership, e-commerce companies can offer their customers more freedom and flexibility when it comes to paying, like allowing the customers to benefit from an extra service by paying in arrears, and webshop owners allowing their customers to try the product at home first.

Adriaan Mol, founder of Mollie, “At Mollie we keep a close eye on the market. We are regularly asked to add Klarna. However, if we do something, we do it in the Mollie way. Because we also want to offer Klarna customers the simplicity and transparency that they are used to from Mollie, we have entered into a dialogue with Klarna to join forces. We were very enthusiastic about the collaboration. With this partnership, not only the consumer gets maximum convenience and flexibility, but also the entrepreneur. Klarna, but with the advantages of Mollie! “

Michael Rouse, Chief Commercial Officer of Klarna, “We are always very impressed with Mollie, the innovative platform they have built and the efficient and smart e-commerce solutions that are constantly being developed. As with Klarna, Mollie works every day to optimize payment. This partnership stems from a common goal that helps entrepreneurs to grow, boost the conversion and help customer satisfaction and loyalty by creating a smooth shopping experience. Klarna is rapidly growing in the most important markets in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland. Together with Mollie, our payment methods are available for even more merchants and their customers. “

How does it work?

Klarna’s payment alternatives give customers the possibility to pay later or through instalments, based on local market availability. Pay Later lets customers pay for items up to 14 days after delivery by invoice, thus letting them try before they buy.

Klarna’s Pay Later has proven successful in the Nordics, the Netherlands and the UK, and invoice is also one of Germany’s most popular online payment methods. Slice It enables customers to spread the cost of their purchases over the course of 3 to 36 months at a low-interest rate, giving them flexibility and increased purchasing power. Klarna also assumes responsibility for managing credit and fraud risks, allowing merchants to quickly receive payment for the orders, and allowing customers to pay only if they’re happy with their purchase.

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