Dutch startup scores more than half a million funding to convert complicated analytics data into visual infographic reports

Dutch startup scores more than half a million funding to convert complicated analytics data into visual infographic reports

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Whatagraph, a digital marketing analytics and reporting startup have received €600k in a funding round led by Open Circle Capital, Lithuania’s largest VC funds and the co-founders of the company (Justas, Tom and Andrius). With this investment, the company is planning to hire more employees and expand its operations.

Whatagraph – turns complicated analytics data into a simple visual infographic

Based out of Amsterdam, Whatagraph is a virtual tool that instantly turns complicated website and social analytics data into visual infographic reports.

Founded by Andrius Malinauskas, Justas Malinauskas and Tomas Malinauskas, this platform automates marketing performance reporting process by collecting data from marketing channels and present it as simple infographic reports. Notably, the platform collects graphical data visualizations from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram and other channels.

Furthermore, it enables users to generate a quick overview of your website and social media performance in seconds and instantly share the reports with clients and team.

How Whatagraph benefits others?

Whatagraph simplifies the process of sharing analytics data between departments and to clients. On top, it saves time by preparing targeted reports and deliver them more frequently. Additionally, it allows users to create custom reports with selected metrics, add own logo and change the colour scheme as well.

Revenue model

When it comes to the company’s revenue model, the clients are charged based on the number of websites they connect and usage of extra features like report customisation and white-labelling.

Manage big names!

Operating in the SaaS segment, the startup’s average annual growth is as high as 250% and manages prominent names like Heineken, The New York Times, Ogilvy and Berkshire Hathaway, owned by the Warren Buffett as its clients. According to co-founder Justas Malinauskas, the new round will allow the business to grow its revenue by 300%.

“The additional investment will allow Whatagraph to prepare for a Series A investment round,” said Malinauskas, the acting CEO of Whatagraph. “It will also enable the company to expands its operations – doubling the current number of employees. It shall expand at both development office in Klaipeda, Lithuania, and sales and marketing hubs in Vilnius and Amsterdam. The largest expansion is planned for the sales team.”

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