Dutch startup Smartmile partners with Elisa to enable instant phone pick up in select cities

Dutch startup Smartmile partners with Elisa to enable instant phone pick up in select cities

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The convenience of online shopping is unmatched and the Dutch startup Smarmile, which operates smart parcel stations, intends to make it only better. Smartmile has partnered up with the Finnish Telecom provider Elisa to launch a new delivery service. This new service called Smartmile Now will enable customers to instantly collect their phones ordered from Elisa’s online store in select cities. Do note that this is an instant service where you place your order and you get to pick up your phone, whereas when one orders a device online, it usually takes a couple of days for them to receive their new phone.

Where is the new service available?

The Smartmile Now service is currently available only in select cities. These cities include Turku, Tampere, Porvoo, Kirkkonummi and Tuusula. Users who order phones from Elisa’s online shop can pick up their device from Smartmile’s robotic parcel machines, some of which are open 24/7. This service is being rolled out after being piloted in Tampere last summer,

Will all phones be eligible for the new service?

While Smartmile Now is a new and exciting service, it will currently be available on some select phone models, which are said to be in high demand by Elisa’s customers. Those phone with which the option is available, users will be able to choose Smartmile Now as their delivery option. They will then receive a text containing a code, which will enable picking up their device from the smart parcel machine they selected.

Where are these Smartmile parcel machines? The Smartmile parcel machines are located in and outside K Group stores and the ones placed outside will be open 24/7. These smart parcel station by the company also collect parcels courier services such as DHL, Hermes, UPS or any others.

“We are constantly developing better services and better experiences for our customers. It is great to bring our new ‘Smartmile Now’ service to the market with Elisa. We are setting a new standard for delivery speed by reducing delivery time to the 25 seconds it takes to collect your product from our parcel machines. So far our service with Elisa is available in five cities in Finland and our goal is to expand all over Finland”, says Smartmile’s CEO, Aku Happo.

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