Dutch startups receive over €355 million funding in H1 2018

Dutch startups receive over €355 million funding in H1 2018

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Startup founders facing a tough time in getting their business into operation always find it helpful to get funding from investors, especially in the nascent stages. This helps them stay focused on their business instead of worrying about capital.

This year has been witnessing several interesting investments we haven’t seen before in the Dutch startup environment. The startups are have received enough funding supporting their innovation. The total amount of investments made in the Dutch startup ecosystem in H1 2018 is over €355 million. StartupDelta, the public-private initiative to propel the Dutch startup ecosystem, has put up an infographic detailing the investments.

Funding-H1-2018-Infographic-1[1] by Remco Janssen on Scribd

Infographic funding H1 2018 – Startupdelta

Pouring investments in spin-offs

As per the data, it looks like 23 spin-offs have received funding in the first half of this year. It looks like the Dutch startup ecosystem is focusing a lot of the spin-offs rather than the new startups. The report shows that the spin-offs have totaled €107 million in funding in the first half of the year. To split it up on a quarterly basis, €25 million has been invested in spin-offs in Q1 2018 while the Q2 has witnessed a whopping €75 million funding in the spin-offs.

In comparison to the last year, 25 rounds of funding were made in the first half of this year. This is a drastic improvement to the 3 rounds of funding made in the last year in the spin-offs.

Industry-wise split

The startups in a wide range of industries have received the funding. Of these, the topmost industries in terms of a number of rounds are energy, health, enterprise software, mobility, and fintech. The same in terms of investments made in the H1 2018 are as follows.

  • Health – €103 million
  • Fintech – €87 million
  • Energy – €35 million
  • Mobility – €29 million
  • Enterprise software – €25 million
  • Funds from foreign investors

Foreign investors have also poured in funds in the Dutch startup companies. The maximum funding has come from the USA amounting to €93 million in 10 rounds. Trailing behind is the UK with €47 million funding in 5 rounds. The European investors have invested €46 million in 10 rounds.

B2B investments on the rise

B2B investments have accounted for 70% in H1 2018 as opposed to 59% in 2017. The B2C funding has dropped to 18%, which is a drop from the previous year’s funding of 28%.

More active in Q2

The startups in the Dutch business ecosystem have received €355 million of funding till June 2018. This amount of funding has come from 119 rounds of investment. On a quarterly basis, €149 million funding happened in Q1 and €206 million funding took place in Q2.

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