Dutch trading startup unveils STOCKS: An app to provide investment in shares without transaction

Dutch trading startup unveils STOCKS: An app to provide investment in shares without transaction

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BUX, based in Amsterdam since 2014, is one of Europe’s fastest growing mobile brokers firm. With services offered to the market for almost 2 million users spread across nine European countries, STOCKS is BUX’ new app that anyone can buy and sell shares without transaction costs in Europe.

The app is still under development and the product launch is due in early 2019 in the Netherlands and Germany. The app is set to grow across the rest of Europe in the course of a year.

How does STOCKS work?

BUX’ immense focus on mobile has intended to break the stereotypical way of online brokers. STOCKS, launched after the first application in 2014, is the second product by BUX. It is mainly concerned with CFD trading.

STOCKS is to facilitate all the activities, which is not relegated to simply buying and selling, instead, the customer can directly run through the app. Majority of investors think that one needs a lot of money to invest, however, Nick Bortrot, the CEO & founder, asserts that with STOCKS, one pays up to € 10 per transaction. The investors in European and US equity buy and sell without transaction costs.

However, the users who want more advanced features pay a small fee for the execution of their orders. STOCKS gives its users a spectrum of options whereby one can achieve more efficiently.

BUX makes it easy and affordable to get into the financial markets with mobile apps for long and short-term investments. With STOCKS, the company is set to find a footing in both usability and interface costs and meet the demands of its users. With STOCKS, BUX stands astute on its motto “Let’s rock the world of finance.”


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