Online delivery service SuperBuddy closes €1M funding round for further growth

Online delivery service SuperBuddy closes €1M funding round for further growth

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The rapidly growing online delivery service SuperBuddy has closed a €1M funding round. The startup from Zwolle has been active for quite some time now, delivering groceries in Zwolle, Utrecht and – in cooperation with Albert Heijn – in Rotterdam. The deliverers are part-time employees who receive their assignments through an app. Subsequently, they do the shopping in supermarkets just around the corner. This makes SuperBuddy’s supply more local and diverse with traditional delivery services. 

The center pillars

SuperBuddy is based on three central pillars. First, there are the retailers. Because of SuperBuddy, they can provide a turnkey e-commerce solution, earn more money and have more happy customers. The deliverers, who are logically called “Buddies”, are the second pillar. They are actively engaged and earn money for their work. The third and last center pillar of SuperBuddy is, of course, based on the customers themselves. These people are relieved from having to go out and get groceries. And for some people, this is even essential, as they may not be physically able or have the time to go out. With the help of SuperBuddy, the groceries are delivered at customers’ homes within two hours.

Growing even further

SuperBuddy CEO Laurens van Geffen is thrilled about this successful funding round: “It gives us the strength to grow faster and to connect to new retailers. Eventually, we could also expand to different cities.” The funding round was led by three private investors and Oost NL. This is their second investment in a short amount of time, being clear proof of their beliefs in SuperBuddy.

A successful cooperation

The startup is learning a lot from their collaboration with Albert Heijn in Rotterdam. The co-operation is still very active, as it has been extended to last until the end of February 2018. During this exclusive pilot in Rotterdam, the customers have expressed many times how well this kind of ‘on-demand’ grocery shopping works. It has also been proven to be a financial success, as, on a weekly basis, hundreds of new customers start using the platform.

the Rappie-app

Another part of the exclusive pilot is the introduction of the Rappie-app. Van Geffen has stated the following regarding the introduction: “We noticed that there is a lot of attention and demand for the Rappie-app. Our rate of growth will only increase further, as this app allows customers to place their orders even easier. Of course, this is important to our customers. To investors, however, it is more important that the app proves that our technology platform can easily be linked to the platforms of our partners.”

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