Takeaway.com does a Brexit, sells UK activities to Just Eat

Takeaway.com does a Brexit, sells UK activities to Just Eat

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Food delivery startup Thuisbezorgd (internationally going by the name Takeaway.com) ditches its activities in the UK market, as its competitor Just Eat takes over business there.  This follows a recent buyout where Takeaway took over the Benelux business of Just Eat, which makes it look like a countryswap between the two major food delivery startups. According to Just Eat however, both deals have nothing to do with each other.

No profits in Britain

According to Takeaway, the parent company of Thuisbezorgd, their activities in the UK weren’t growing as fast as necessary. To make it profitable would require more heavy investments in marketing. The company thought it would be better to sell their British business and focus on the European mainland.

Countryswap in the food delivery world

Just Eat takes over the activities of Takeaway in Britain. Earlier this month both companies made a similar deal, only the other way around. In the beginning of August Takeaway solidified its role as market leader in The Netherlands and Belgium, by taking over the activities of Just Eat. This deal involved €22.5 Million changing hands. How much the British takeover is costing, has not been made public.

Focus on Europe

According to Just Eat, both deals are made completely separate from each other. But it is hard to imagine the Brexit of Takeaway did not play a role in the Benelux deal. Whatever the case, this leaves Takeaway with just the markets on the European mainland to focus on. The startup, founded in 2000 by Jitse Groen, is active in ten countries and currently food delivery market leader in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Poland. It previously made clear that it is looking for expansion in Europe.

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