These 5 European startups are booming by helping companies comply with GDPR law

These 5 European startups are booming by helping companies comply with GDPR law

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User data and privacy are of great importance and keeping this in mind, the European Union implemented GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Organisations who collect and make use of user data need to run tighter ships ever since the regulation was passed or else, they could face hefty fines. However, it can be tough for entire businesses to pivot and change their entire functioning to get in line with GDPR.

In order to help such companies, there are numerous startups that offer a range of services that can help organisations comply with the new data laws. Here are five such startups in Europe that help companies change how they operate and handle data. These European startups are booming ever since the GDPR legislation was implemented.

Hut Six (Newport, United Kingdom)

Hut Six is a platform that aims to protect an organisation from the most prevalent cause of security breaches, which it believes is the human factor. The company’s campaign is adapted to the GDPR legislation and it has developed a specific GDPR module that introduces a company’s staff to the changes and explains its impact on an organisation. Alongside informing the employees of their new privacy rights, the regulation stipulates the need for staff training in information security and the processing of personal data.

Privitar (London, United Kingdom)

Founders: Gerard Buggy, Jason du Preez and John Taysom

Ever since the GDPR legislation has kicked into effect, there’s a pressing need for enabling businesses to collect data while preserving privacy. The London-based startup Privitar intends to accomplish just that with its software, which is touted to enable enterprise-wide privacy protection. The company also offers services to make sure that an organisation’s data platform remains compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations. It contextual controls as well, which enable the user to safeguard or de-classify data.

Aircloak (Berlin Germany)

Founders: Felix Bauer, Paul Francis and Sebastian Probst Eide

Gaining secure and flexible insights into sensitive data sets in the right side of the law is difficult. To help an organisation accomplish this goal, the startup Airclock offers its patented data anonymisation technology, which is claimed to be a breakthrough. Aircloak Insights also boasts of being the first GDPR-grade anonymisation solution that is capable of delivering high-quality analytics while maintaining strong anonymization.

Waymark Tech (London, United Kingdom)

Founders: Mark Holmes

Since following the GDPR legislation is of utmost importance, companies like Waymark Tech help organisations speed up the process of regulatory reviews. It’s services make use of AI to keep the customer up to date and secure data while keeping the costs low. The startup recommends specific articles from regulations to inform one about the clients that are affected by the new rules and how to proactively approach and take charge of the situation.

Onna (Navarcles, Spain)

Founders: Salim Elkhou

Managing privacy policies and regulations of an organisation is no easy task. Onna deals with it by helping companies centralise different departments to easily respond to subject access requests. Classification and notifications are used to protect data for monitoring internal compliance policies.

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