With €3M, Danish fintech startup Yourpay aims 200% expansion in Europe

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In a recent development, Danish fintech startup Yourpay has secured a €3 million investment from Nordica Capital Partners and Artha Kapitalforvaltning. The startup is invigorated with the fund injection and has crafted a growth plan of 200% in the next financial year.

Mogens Kjær, chairman of Nordica Capital Partners elucidated, “Yourpay is an exciting company in an attractive industry, and with the technological platform, and the opportunities that the technology opens up, there is the basis for much greater growth. That is why we are now funding the company with the capital that is necessary to ensure it is able to reach its ambitions.”

He added, “The important thing in the investment round has been Yourpay’s objectives and its ability to achieve greater partnerships in 2018, for instance, its cooperation with the Visma Group, an agreement that everyone expects a lot from.”

Yourpay: a secured payment gateway

Yourpay specialises in payment terminals and customised e-commerce transaction ecosystem. By means of its advanced API, the platform integrates all the payment channels for businesses.

Yourpay is remained to be the first fully licensed payment facilitator by MasterCard, Visa and the Danish FSA and a self-sufficient substitute to the national acquirer in Denmark. The fintech charges 1.35% per transactions for sales above DKK 100000 per month and 2.25% for sales below DKK 100000 per month.

Yourpay is going to utilise the fund in developing cutting-edge technology enabling enhanced customer experiences for both online and offline channels. Further, the startup aims to expand its operations in Nordic countries as well as in Eastern Europe in the coming six months.

Mathias Gajhede, CEO, Yourpay, said:

We have created a complete toolbox that ensures our customers the most smooth and simple payment solution, and which provides a fast and secure payment flow. We can feel that the domestic market has taken very good care of our solutions so that we can now compete with the very big providers, and that, of course, gives us the confidence to pursue some more ambitious goals in, among other things, abroad in 2019.

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