Gerard & Anton Awards: These 10 startups from Eindhoven are killing it this year

Gerard & Anton Awards: These 10 startups from Eindhoven are killing it this year

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The Netherlands is a breeding ground for cultural and high-tech innovation with an excited geography for startups to create more scalable enterprises. In fact, a remarkable amount of startups are flourishing in the land of Dutch with a potential to change the world for good.

On the other hand, the country is also ramping up its efforts to boost innovation in tech and other fields since the surge of successful entrepreneurial endeavors springing up here and there.

Recently 10 startups from the Eindhoven ecosystem have been honored with Gerard & Anton Award as the most promising startups since they follow the criteria set by Gerard and Anton Philips who formed the first truly successful startup in the region, 125 years ago.

According to the jury, these ten startups will be making big steps in the next 12 months and therefore are “to be watched.” Here we take a look at these killer startups.

#1 Salvia BioElectronics

Founded by Hubert Martens in 2017, Salvia works around the field of ‘BioElectronics’, that is inspired by biology and electronics to provide innovative therapeutic solutions. This young startup provides bioelectronic solutions to those people suffering from neurological disorders to restore their health. Till now, Salvia BioElectronics has raised a total funding amount of €1.3million.

#2 byFlow

byFlow, founded by Floris Hoff specializes in 3D printing and an expert in 3D food printing technology. The company has developed ‘Focus’, a printer that can 3D print any paste-type ingredient.

It works with refillable cartridges containing any sort of paste-type food to create customized meals, and it is mainly targeted at the bakery industry. byFlow has raised a total funding amount €30K till now since the inception in 2014.

#3 Pillow’s Willow VR Studios

Falling in line with the trend, the Pillow’s Willow VR studios are a game developer that focuses on mobile VR, AR, and mixed reality. Founded by Peter Kortenhoeven in March 2016, the Eindhoven based company has developed its games in such a way that they are already suitable for AR glasses.

#4 Usono

This company works around the use cases of ultrasound by designing and developing a medical product. Dubbed as ProbeFix, this tool provides lengthy and stable fixation of an ultrasound probe to the body.

Furthermore, Stress echocardiography procedures and cardiac output monitoring in the IC department directly benefit from ProbeFix. The company is currently planning to set up their sales channels across 12 countries including Norway, Spain, Sweden.

This company was founded by Benjamin Tchang, Jori Verbeek, Victor Donker in 2016. Usono has raised a total funding amount of €176k.

#5 Atogear

Based out of Eindhoven, Atogear works in developing wearable technologies that help the people to improve the way they move. Named as ARION, it is a pressure sensitive insoles slip into the existing running shoes that help you to maximize performance and minimize risks of injury, by tweaking your running techniques. Moreover, the runner receives easily understandable real-time feedback to improve their technique as well.


This startup focuses predominantly on the interaction between riders and horses via rein pressure measurement. IPOS introduced a small sensor that sits in between the bit and the rein, where it registers how the rider communicates with the horse.

This sensor can provide real-time information on symmetry, intensity, and lightness in each training session. In addition to that, the health of the horse can be monitored, detecting possible injuries at an initial stage as well.

#7 Onera

Onera develops sensors for sleep diagnostics, where you can identify the fundamental problems at home itself and resolve them. This company aims at bringing innovative medical devices to the market in a bid to help, improve the health and quality of life of people across the globe. In addition to it, the company has recently received funding from the BOM and IMEX.xpand as an independent company.

#8 Zorgdoc

Founded in 2007 by Cees Schaap and Sven Berkvens, Zorgdoc is an accessible tool that enables users to record data about the medication they use themselves. This, in turn, makes it easier to involve patients in the use of medication and prevents harmful consequences.

#9 Medapp

Medapp works as a one-stop solution for all your medication-related queries. Founded by Edwin and Pit in 2015, this app lets you access patient information, opening hours of your pharmacy, medical diary and more medical information.

With this app, you can also share medical records with the people you choose to share it with. It is currently available for free on both Google Play Store and App Store.

#10 Stentit

Founded by Dr. Sol Cabrera and Dr. Bart Sanders, Stentit is aiming to become the new standard in vascular therapy. This startup has developed a disruptive platform that shapes the first-of-its-kind regenerative stent. With this regenerative stent, a wide range of clinical applications will get benefitted.

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