Get acquainted with these 5 coolest IoT startup from Netherlands

Get acquainted with these 5 coolest IoT startup from Netherlands

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It seems like a delightful period for the Netherlands startups as the ecosystem is growing and evolving at a tremendous phase. Being one of the prominent markets in Europe, the Netherlands expertise in high tech hardware has drawn investments not only from the US and Europe but from China as well. Even though the country enjoys the strong culture of entrepreneurship, the transition towards startup ideas was a slow one.

One of the strengths in the Netherlands promising startup scenario, that actually synchronizes with the direction of global innovation is IoT (Internet of Things).

What is IoT?

The term IoT a.k.a. Internet of Things refers to a physical device across the globe that is connected to the Internet and controlled in a way. These devices collect and share data. It helps in making the machine more smarter, efficient and responsive to our needs.

During 2000’s, it was the Internet that played a crucial part in the evolution of e-commerce websites, this time its IoT that takes the responsibility of assisting the progress of tech startups.

Having said that, we have jotted down 5 coolest IoT-based startups from the Netherlands below. Do give it a read.

#1 Bolt Mobility

Founded in 2014 by Marijn Flipse and Bart Jacobsz Rosier, Bolt Mobility is developing the potentially market-disrupting electric scooter called as AppScooter. Also known as Dutch Tesla on Two Wheels, the App Scooter accelerates from 0 to 45km/h in 3.3 sec and has a 7-inch touchscreen and handlebar controls. In addition to it, this is the first scooter in the world to safely run Android apps in its cockpit. Till now, Netherlands-based Bolt Mobility has secured total funding amount of €6.1 million.

#2 Zenodys

This IoT startup works on building a decentralized marketplace, where anyone can collect, build and trade any digital asset. The Zenodys aims at establishing world’s first database for every digital asset, be it in digital or physical form. According to the company, these assets will be always reachable, searchable and easily reusable in millions of ways. Furthermore, this platform helps the people in building applications with simple drag and drop using the digital assets. Founded by Jernej Adamič, Milenko Glavica, Sergej Nejc Gorišek and Tomaž Vinko in 2014, this company based in Amsterdam has raised around €105K funding.

#3 Capte

This startup based out of Amsterdam designs, manufactures and incorporated smart IoT solutions for transportation, including embedded devices for tracking vehicles and passengers, connectivity and advanced web-based interface. Founded by Paul Chipault, Sergey Vladimirov in 2016, Capte got recently admitted to weXelerate, a startup accelerator based in Vienna.

#4 Undagrid

Undagrid aims at optimizing the logistic process thereby enhancing the entire workflow in terms of quality and efficiency. It also helps in creating new services based on assets with an autonomous communication network in combination with an innovative tracking technology. This platform makes airports, harbors, and logistics smarter by connecting their assets in a network. Founded by Christiaan Willemsen, Lennart Schroer, Marcus Breekweg, Rolf Van de Velde, this upstart has reportedly raised a total funding amount of more than €3 million.

#5 Hiber

This Amsterdam satellite startup works on Hiberband, the Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN). Formerly called as Magnitude Space (rebranded to Hiber later), the company aims to help in tackling climate change, growing crops efficiently, managing natural resources better, and protecting wild animals. The LPGAN service delivers global connectivity for sensors and IoT related devices at an affordable cost, that allows data to be easily and cheaply transferred via the internet from the remotest locations. Founded in 2016, this company has total funding amount of €5 million.

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