Dutch startup MAYHT gets €300,000 to bring new loudspeaker technology to market

Dutch startup MAYHT gets €300,000 to bring new loudspeaker technology to market

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Loudspeakers have improved nor changed much over the years, and nobody cared until now. Well, not anymore. MAYHT, a TU Delft spin-off and the developer of loudspeaker technology obtains €300,000 from UNIIQ, a €22 million regional investment fund that helps startups going through the proof-of-concept phase.

The essential idea

The essential idea behind MAYHT’s product is to use smaller casing for loudspeakers without compromising the sound quality. It is achieved by housing powerful drivers in the casing. It’s founded by brothers Timothy and Mattias Scheek.

The technology behind MAYHT

The startup hasn’t shown the technology it has used to build the MAYHT loudspeakers. However, Mattias Scheek, MAYHT’s CEO was quick to add that “in one or two years’ time, the powerful sound of large floor-standing speakers coming from a box the size of a bread bin will be commonplace thanks to our technology”.  Similar enthusiasm about MAYHT’s new technology also reflected in the statement of Liduina Hammer, the investment fund manager of UNIIQ.  “With its unique loudspeaker technology developed at TU Delft, MAYHT is another fine addition to our diverse investment portfolio.”

Wait and see

Let’s see if the startup lives up to the buzz it has created for its technology, though we still don’t know much about the technology powering its loudspeakers. Once the details come out, only then can we assess the way it stacks up against its nearest competitor. Until then, having a splendid backer as UNIQ does increase the odds of MAYHT’s success and bridges the riskiest phase from concept to promising business.

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