These 8 European tech scaleups aim to revolutionise the healthcare industry in 2019

These 8 European tech scaleups aim to revolutionise the healthcare industry in 2019

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The digital health scenario is on a roll in Europe. Several startups and scaleups are coming out with significant technologies in an attempt to reshape the health and medical field, making it beneficial for the patients economically and also for their well-being.

Europe’s leading accelerator, EIT Digital quite genuinely supports scaleups that leverage digital technologies to help people stay healthy through prevention and early detection, or cope with existing physical and mental conditions. Today, we take a look at the eight most prominent digital health scaleups which are back by EIT Digital Accelerator.

Active Cues (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Founders: Hester Le Riche, Mathijs Konings, Sjoerd Wennekes, Sjoerd Wennekes

Active Cues is a Dutch company that developed Tovertafel, a care innovation that improves quality of life and creates moments of happiness for people with a cognitive challenge and all those around them. The Tovertafel uses interactive light projection technology to enable people to play games on any surface, such as a table or floor. The games motivate them to participate in stimulating physical, mental and social activity playfully.

Atlas Biomed Group (London, United Kingdom)

Founders: Sergey Musienko

Founded in 2016, the UK-based Atlasbiomed is the first company to offer both DNA and Microbiome testing kits for use at home. Both tests feed into an online platform, which allows consumers to take control of their health through actionable, precise and personalised lifestyle recommendations.

“Understanding your body from the inside out can help you to take control of your health and be clearer on the potential risks, turning attitudes to healthcare from reactive to proactive,” explains Sergey Musienko, Atlas Biomed’s CEO.

CheckPointCardio (Bulgaria)

Founder: Ivailo Dachov

The Bulgarian scaleup, CheckpointCardio combines advanced medical devices with software in order to follow a patient’s vital parameters in real time. The company has developed patented wearables that allow constant streaming of cardiac and other significant biometric data, providing a whole system for online diagnostics, prevention and emergency reaction for cardiovascular diseases. It is one of the most avant-garde telemedicine systems for the transmission and monitoring of reliable medical data in real time.

Nively (Nice, France)

Founder: Giuseppe Conti

Based in Italy and France, Nively developed MentorAge, an intelligent monitoring system for senior citizens in healthcare institutions. MentorAge can detect dangerous situations such as falls, nocturnal wandering if someone rises from the bed (e.g. in the case of persons unable to walk unassisted), a person who enters a location and does not exist after a given time.

This solution enables nursing homes or similar facilities, to optimise the cost of staff while offering a premium service. MentorAge allows monitoring people with diseases like Alzheimer, or people who lose their bearings due to the common digression of memory when ageing.

Medicus AI (Vienna, Austria)

Founders: Baher Al Hakim, Makram Saleh, Nadine Nehme

Medicus AI is a smart platform and app that uses artificial intelligence to convert health data into an interactive experience with easy-to-understand explanations, personalised health insights and smart wellbeing coaching. Medicus empowers everyone to easily understand their medical and health info, engage them with personalised health insights, and coach them every step of the way to stay or become healthy.

The solution currently covers biometric data, all vitals, full health profile and family history, medications, and the most tested blood, urine and stool markers.

QuantifiCare (Valbonne, France)

Since 2001, QuantifiCare has been developing innovative 2D and 3D imaging solutions for photography of the skin. The scaleup’s founders had a unique vision to create a Contract Research Organization (CRO) capable of bringing evidence-based medicine to their clients by providing objective, quantifiable and reliable data in support of clinical trials and research. Quantificare’s solution was adapted into a user-friendly, portable and highly reproducible 3D photographic system dedicated to the daily practice of specialists in the aesthetic, plastic surgery and dermatologic fields.

Ignilife (Biot, France)

Founders: David Bessoudo, Elisabeth Pakin

Ignilife provides clinically-proven, social and gamified powered health prevention and wellness solutions for corporations, insurance companies and health providers. Health costs are increasing due to chronic diseases that could have been prevented. Ignilife reinvents prevention with a mobile and web coaching platform made to engage people in their quest to be healthier.

All aspects of preventions are treated with more than 30 programs in 6 languages. To enhance the experience, Ignilife integrates an ecosystem of services to be offered to the right users, at the right moment, and in the right place.

Tinnitracks (Hamburg, Germany)

Founder: Jörg Land

German scaleup, Sonormed helps you treat tinnitus with your favourite music. Sonormed’s app Tinnitracks allows you to filter your music in order to use it for a new tinnitus therapy that is endorsed by the latest neuroscientific findings. Tinnitracks indicates precisely which song provides high therapeutic potential thanks to the individual analysis of every single file.

Listening to filtered music sustainably allays the abnormally active tinnitus-cells, as approved in clinical studies. Your precisely measured tinnitus frequency is the basis for the therapy. The app is available via web, Android and iOS app.

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