Here are 5 most successful robotics startups from the Netherlands in 2018

Here are 5 most successful robotics startups from the Netherlands in 2018

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Robotics technology is no more a concept now; it has become a part of our lives today and its now making a debut in all kinds of sectors. Whether it be transportation, construction, home or office, modern robotics is becoming essential in all the aspects of our lives.

When it comes to the Netherlands, there are many innovative startups which are involved in the process of robotic development and designing. However, there are only a few of them which are thriving and achieving success for the solutions they are creating.

Clear Flight Solutions

Clear Flight Solutions is a Dutch company combining expert knowledge of unmanned aerial vehicles with extensive expertise in the ecological domain. Whether the situation requires a robotic bird of prey or a stable multicopter, the company provides a working solution. With the Robirds, flying on unique patented flapping wing technology, the company offers unmatched effectiveness in the field of bird control. Clear Flight Solutions also provides unique platforms for wildlife observation and protection, safety and surveillance, and surveying and mapping. So far the company has raised € 4.9 million of total funding, and it is based in Enschede, the Netherlands.


This Delft robotics company has developed a software which helps robots to recognise objects themselves. So that the robots can do all the tedious, repetitive, dirty and dangerous work instead of humans. Fizyr can be one of the startups the Netherlands can be proud of, doing wonders within the field of AI, robotics and machine learning to improve parcel sorting in delivery logistics, recently the startup has been selected as StartUp Innovation of the Year at PostalPitch’s annual competition.


These guys have invented the smallest and most lightweight industrial Leg Exoskeleton in the world that can support high loads. Reportedly, InteSpring also has entered into a cooperation with TNO and is working to develop a unique exoskeleton for the Dutch Defense. The exoskeleton will be used as support troops for a march or tactical move.  The backpack they bear is 40kg, but with the exo feels “only” as 15kg. The uniqueness of this exoskeleton is that it not only supports a great weight but is additionally “passive” and therefore lightweight.


This Rotterdam-based startup, RanMarine Technology has created a unique way to clean the waters. They have developed an aqua-marine drone to clear litter from the waters. This drone acts like a smart vacuum cleaner and sweeps up the dust and garbage in the water, without harming the aquatic life. Capable of swimming for up to 16 hours, the WasteShark scans its immediate environment as it works, collecting data to send back to its central command. It can test the waters for pH levels, conductivity, ammonium, chloride, nitrate, salinity, and many other metrics.

Robot Security Systems

This company from the political capital of the Netherlands, Den Haag has recently invented new security robots integrated with alarm alerting systems to avoid burglary in factories. They have created a mobile robot that patrols, detects and communicates. Dubbed as SAM, the security robot features the latest new sensors and state-of-the-art software to detect suspect people and situations. The startup aims to create a new approach to safety and security. In the past, the Robot Security Systems has received an investment of more than € 5 million by InnovationQuarter, Rabobank Regio Den Haag, and a group of strategic and financial partners and it continues to grow.

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