Israeli co-working startup Mindspace to open 3 workspaces in Amsterdam and Utrecht soon

Israeli co-working startup Mindspace to open 3 workspaces in Amsterdam and Utrecht soon

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Coworking workplaces are a new and emerging movement in the current world of startups.

If you are in need of a workspace, preferably a stunner in terms of looks for your self-proclaimed startup but you don’t want to be captive for years in the same place, then the coworking culture will interest you.

Mindspace is a coworking startup providing shared workspaces and meeting rooms for the startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Earlier this year, Mindspace acquired KleinKantoor, the leading Dutch coworking company to expand its footprint into the Netherlands. Now the company is all set to open its first co-working space in the heart of Amsterdam in Herengracht as soon as by August 2018. Mindspace also plans to open one more co-working space near the Amsterdam central station and another one in the Utrecht city.

Expanding rapidly in Europe

The coworking startup based in Tel Aviv debuted in 2014. In just a year, the company expanded its presence to Germany and witnessed a quick success. Mindspace tripled its size in Germany in just a few years of entering the market. “We’ve got to know that the company is “spread across 8 locations in Germany including 3 in Berlin, 3 in Munich, 1 in Frankfurt and Hamburg each,” notes Danielle Avrahami, Expansion Lead, Mindspace during an exclusive conversation with Silicon Canals.

Since then, the company has expanded its presence in Europe operating in Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom. As the Netherlands is a hotbed of startups and is home to old classical buildings, it has become a prime market for Mindspace.

Dan Zakai, CEO, and co-founder at Mindspace said “Amsterdam is one of the highest-barrier-to-entry markets in Europe. The city enjoys strong economic growth but experiences very low vacancy of office space. KleinKantoor’s founder, Mr. Emiel Doorgeest together with RJB Group of Companies, built an extraordinary portfolio of coworking spaces in rare buildings.”

Competition for existing co-working spaces rivals!

There are a few prominent coworking startups already in Amsterdam such as Spaces, WeWork, etc. In order to stand out from the crowd, Mindspace intends to offer “a unique design, establish a vibrant community, mark a difference in their professionalism, create an engaging community and offer a personal touch,” adds Edita Lobaciute, Global Community Lead at Mindspace while in conversation with Silicon Canals at the company event held in Amsterdam recently.

They will let the startup communities stay connected via a mobile app. It can also be used to book meeting rooms and get to know about what’s happening in the digital world.

Bring communities together

Mindspace will host a series of events in Amsterdam to keep the communities engaged. The team at the coworking startup will host weekly happy hours wherein local and national partners will take part. In Berlin, the company hosts happy hours and wellbeing sessions with a focus on meditation, yoga, and nutrition.

A local feel

Mindspace intends to focus on retaining the native feel of workspaces in Amsterdam without changing them a lot. In addition to the design and beauty, the startup will rope in local artists in the city to give a native feel to the workplaces.

No unnecessary rentals

When it comes to pricing, the coworking startup will understand the budget of the partner company requiring a workspace. This will let them find out the best solution, which will suit the business. Also, this will avoid the businesses and startups from paying unnecessary rental for something that they don’t need at that point in time.

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