Lev electric vehicle sharing launched in Rotterdam today

Lev electric vehicle sharing launched in Rotterdam today

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After the shared e-bikes and e-scooters a pilot has now launched in Rotterdam with small electric vehicles.

The new electric vehicle is dubbed as Lev and offers a new way to go around town quickly and comfortably. The e-vehicle was launched in an event today in Rotterdam where Alderman Judith Bokhove kicked off the new sustainable shared service.

Rotterdam is looking for smart solutions contributing to a healthy and accessible city for the residents of Rotterdam and its visitors. With urban mobility, more people in Rotterdam can move around with fewer vehicles.

Alderman Bokhove is enthusiastic about the new shared mobility:

We want to keep Rotterdam accessible. That’s why we are giving new shared concepts a chance. The vehicles of Lev can easily replace city journeys by car. For example, fewer people in Rotterdam need a car that is parked in the city center or residential areas for much of the time. On those parking spots, I’d rather see greenery or space to park your bike. Lev’s electric vehicles help because one Lev can be used by many people. Also, they are electric, so they ensure less noise, CO2 emissions and air pollution in the city.

Small in size, big in convenience

The Lev takes up considerably less space than a car. There is enough space for two people and a little bit of luggage. The 100% electric cars run at a maximum of 45 km/hour. At your destination, you park the Lev for free in a parking space. The Lev is then ready for your next ride or the next user.

 Ytzen Zeilstra – Managing Director Lev, said:

Lev strives for a livable city with less air pollution, fewer traffic jams, and more greenery. We are starting this pilot in Rotterdam since our concept fits in well with the direction the municipality has chosen to tackle challenges with traffic in the city. This puts Rotterdam at the forefront of creating a green and sustainable city.

How does it work?

Lev is the network of small electric vehicles that are accessible to anyone from the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license. With the app from Lev you book, unlock and start the Lev. You only pay for the ride and parking is free and easy in the service area. Lev is a moped car and can therefore only drive on the road and park in a car parking space.

The Lev app is available for iOs and Android

Lev aims to make cities more livable and accessible by making comfortable, emission-free vehicles available to all residents. The user only needs the Lev App and a valid driver’s license. Lev is part of Getaround, the leading global carsharing marketplace that empowers people to carshare everywhere with innovative technology solutions like Lev, now available in Rotterdam.

Download app – iOS| Android

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