This Amsterdam-based startup brings stain-repellent t-shirts for those who hate doing laundry

This Amsterdam-based startup brings stain-repellent t-shirts for those who hate doing laundry

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Are you a messy eater? Or just too lazy to wash your clothes? Has excessive sweating become a daily problem in your life? Labfresh, a brainchild of technology enthusiasts in Amsterdam has come up with a self-cleaning smart t-shirt just for you. 

The company launched its first Kickstarter campaign a year ago when they first introduced their exclusive stain, odor-proof dress shirts. Following the success of their original line of smart clothing, now LabFresh has launched a new range of smart t-shirts which repel stain, smell and body odor.

Developed in Switzerland, produced in Portugal and designed in Amsterdam, these smart t-shirts from Labfresh will be available online from March 28, at a price of €35. The company plans to make the new range of t-shirts available across 45 countries within EU, US and Canada.

Kasper Brandi Petersen from Labfresh (who’s also the founder of Cloakroom) informed that the company will take its second international Kickstarter campaign live on the same day and is hoping to get funded on the heels of last year. The company’s last Kickstarter campaign on dress shirts got 1000% funded.

The technology behind Labfresh t-shirts

This smart t-shirt, made of 100% long-staple cotton, repels all water-based liquids, like red wine and ketchup. It has a moisture-wicking technology on the inside which makes sure that the sweat is absorbed and spread out over the fabric so it can dry quickly, while not being visible externally.

In the official press release, Labfresh has also mentioned that the added silver in the yarns kills bacteria from the sweat and prevents odor.


Further, the t-shirt will be available in grey, white and black color options. If you’re really interested to buy this garment, you can check out the official website of Labfresh. The estimated delivery will be around July 2018.

Take a look at the video below to know what all the smart t-shirt is capable of:


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