Ning Li, co-founder of launches sustainable cosmetics startup Typology

Ning Li, co-founder of launches sustainable cosmetics startup Typology

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Ning Li, who is the co-founder of London-based online e-commerce platform, has launched a new startup today, which is known as Typology. is known to specialise in home décor items.

Typology is a Paris-based startup which will design consumer quality skincare and cosmetics products and sell them directly to consumers. Previously, the startup raised $10 million in a funding round from investors such as Alven Capital, Marc Simoncini, Xavier Niel and Firstminute Capital. Currently, Typology employees 12 people.

Typology: the sustainable digital player!

Regarding Typology, Ning Li stated, “Typology is a relatively ambitious project. We want to challenge FMCG brands with a digital pure player.” Typology as a startup will be segregating itself from cosmetic giants with basic lists of ingredients and no harmful products which may be bad for skin or the environment. The startup has also vowed that all its products are vegan, cruelty-free and made in France.

Moreover, the startup has projected its plans to create an e-commerce giant with multiple sub-brands, numerous products and an intensive e-commerce strategy.

Typology’s current sub-brands

To be specific, Typology has projected to launch 10 different product lines in the upcoming months. Every product line will be having its own concept and its own sub-brand. As of now, Typology is launching three sub-brands- Raw, Lab and Ten.

In the Raw sub-brand, one can opt to mix products at home and order a kit which will include oils, powders, spoons and a small box that will allow users to create their own mask, hair oil, beard etc. All raw products will be made using single ingredients.

In the case of Lab sub-brand, users will get cosmetic serums. As of now, Typology has launched six different tiny bottles of cosmetic serums. Each serum will be having its own specific properties according to the requirements of the user.

In the ‘Ten’ products, users will be getting simple skincare items such as the face, hand and body moisturizers, which will be created with less than 10 ingredients. In the upcoming months, the startup will be launching shower gels, shampoos and makeup remover.

Going eco-friendly

The startup will be using recyclable packaging material such as glass and aluminium as much as possible. The startup will be using plastic in the case of big-sized products.

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