Tilburg restaurants cut ties with Thuisbezorgd.nl due to high commission percentage

Tilburg restaurants cut ties with Thuisbezorgd.nl due to high commission percentage

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In a recent development, fifteen restaurant owners in Tilburg have decided to quit Thuisbezorgd.nl, the largest food delivery website in the Netherlands, due to high commission.

Now the Tilburgers who want to order food can do so through Neemmee.nl, which was founded by the group of restaurant owners and volunteers from the Brabant city. Unlike Thuisbezorgd, Neemmee.nl does not charge commission, since the promoters don’t want to make money from the site.

Demands fair pay!

According to Ilias Tuna, Shawarma seller, Thuisbezorgd receives 13 percent commission on every meal ordered through their website, which means the restaurants have to pay 40 to 45 percent of the profits that is 500 to 1000 euros per week for most people. Due to the unfair payment strategy, more entrepreneurs around Tilburg are moving to Neemmee.nl.

No intention to reduce the commision!

On the other hand, Jitse Groen, CEO, Thuisbezorgd parent company Takeaway said that the commission can go even higher in the future, even if the criticism continues.

Since most of the restaurants rely on home deliveries, they are stuck to the site, as most of the customers only look at Thuisbezorgd.nl when they order something.


According to Thuisbezorgd spokesperson Joris Wilton, they are not frightened of the competition, considering the vast customer base, reach and the brand.

He also said, “But although many restaurants are affiliated with an alternative, Wilton seldom believes that a case really stops with Home delivery. I hope for them that they have made a sensible decision because the turnover will plummet. ”

Alternative platforms!

Having said that, alternative platforms like Eten.com and local competitors such as Leqqr and Klinkenberg are emerging in more and more cities with lower charge or even no commission.

Furthermore, the website called Thuiseten.nl in Eindhoven charges around six percent commission and promised never to increase it.

However, Ilias Tuna also said that the Thuisbezorgd has more than 7500 affiliated restaurants in the Netherlands and has great brand awareness among consumers as well.

At present, most of the restaurants are finding it difficult to get customers and has fewer orders than they used to get as a member of Thuisbezorgd. Nevertheless, they are compensating it with more money per order since its a commission-free website.

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