Liv: 6 things to know about Prague-based VR startup which got almost €1M funding from Oculus founder and Seedcamp

Liv: 6 things to know about Prague-based VR startup which got almost €1M funding from Oculus founder and Seedcamp

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Among the emerging technology, Virtual Reality (AR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are gaining momentum these days, thanks to the immersive digital experience. According to experts, the VR/AR industry is expected to grow and become a broader industry than computing and the internet combined.

Some research shows that games are the most competitive space, followed by enterprises like real estate VR. LIV, a VR live-streaming startup has raised $1 million (approx €900K ) in the latest funding round led by investors, including Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey, Beat Games’ CEO and Co-Founder Jaroslav Beck, Seedcamp and Credo Ventures among others. In addition to that, a host of angel investors have also supported the company.

AJ Shewki (aka Dr DOOM), LIV’s CEO and Founder, commented:

We think that VR is the final computing platform, and in a world where VR is mainstay we need tools for creators and developers to share their experiences in real-time. In VR, your whole body is your controller, and we had to include that human nuance into the spectator experience.

Real-time audience interaction platform!

With this funding, the company is planning to build its first truly integrated VR Live streaming and real-time audience interaction platform for streamers and games developers. Furthermore, the investment will be used to grow its core engineering team as well.

AJ Shewki, added:

We have some pioneers within our field on the team and are now backed by the people and companies that created VR as we know it. Together we are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry. Our kit is being pushed further and further afield, and all our partners, creators, and audience are as excited as us to see what comes next.

VR still in nascent stage?

Needless to say, VR is still in its nascent stages with huge barriers to overcome. One of the biggest hurdles that prevent consumer adoption is the need for more compelling content, bulky headset with poor user experience and of course, the price. Platforms like LIV is trying to change that.

All you need to know about LIV

Founded in 2016 by AJ Shewki, Cix Liv, LIV is a VR live streaming and real-time monetization platform. The company wants the audience to connect and engage with their favourite live streamers and games in real-time. On the other hand, it empowers creators to share their VR experiences in fun & relatable ways.

Acquisitions so far!

The Prague-based company has acquired technologies from various creators including OBS Mixed Reality Filter & Mixtral, Mixed reality calibration app VIVR, and ChromaFree.

1.5 billion VR video views to date!

Till now, the VR platform is integrated into over 150 experiences from developers — Beat Games, Harmonix, CloudHead Games, Superhot, Survios, Ubisoft and VIVEPORT, with upcoming support for Oculus Native SDK. It’s worth mentioning that the LIV App has been downloaded 34,000 times and has amassed over 1.5 billion views globally.

Dr. DOOM concludes by adding:

We’ve come this far because our core pillars are to help creators and developers share their experiences and be successful in their work. LIV will always be free for developers and content creators; these are the people driving our booming platform.

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