London dog sitting app HouseMyDog merges with Spanish rival to expand in European market

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In recent times, dog sitting and dog walking startups are catering hugely to the market segment of dog owners who are unable to walk their dogs or leave them under a guardian.

In order to access new markets and lead the huge market demand, London-based startup HouseMyDog and Spanish startup Gudog have made an announcement to merge together into a single brand. This merger will form the largest platform in the European market.

To be precise, this merger seeds the combined platform with more than 25,000 approved dog sitters and walkers in over 70 cities across eight European countries, including the U.K., Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium.

HouseMyDog and Gudog will be continuing to operate under their existing brands and will be integrating into a single brand within the next two or three months. As of now, the total number of employees in both the startups is 21.

As a merged company, the company aims to increase its team headcount to 35 to scale-up its operations in the European market and double-up its revenue in 2019.

Regarding the collaboration, James McElroy, co-founder of HouseMyDog stated, “We’ve had a close relationship with the Gudog team since we met in 2016. The markets complement each other very well because they operate in Spain and France. It’s strategic for both sides. There are areas where they’re very strong as a team and they can complement us and vice versa.”

Found in 2015 by brothers Timothy and James McElroy, HouseMyDog has offices in London, Dublin and Berlin.

Madrid-based startup Gudog was found by Loly Garrido and Javier Cuevas, who will assume the positions of CPO and CTO, respectively. The Spanish startup is a market leader in Spain and is expanding speedily in France and Germany. Regarding the merger, Loly Garrido stated, “This merger is a big step forward in creating Europe’s most trusted pet services platform”.

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