This Dutch startup wants to change the way you watch TV

This Dutch startup wants to change the way you watch TV

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Television without commitment, that’s the three word pitch of Dutch paid television startup Mobile2Morrow TV. It’s the first television service in the Netherlands that offers channels a la carte: as viewer, you have total control over the amount of channels you want to subscribe to, which can save consumers quite some money. Who watches RAI UNO anyway?


On demand

Internet is changing the way we watch television. With on demand, subscription based streaming services, consumers can watch their favorite television programs at any place, any time, on the device they prefer. Old fashioned network television is struggling, while Amazon and Netflix are producing and broadcasting popular television shows with great success.

Paying top dollar

But in this changing television landscape, why are we still paying top dollar for a television subscription where you only watch a small part of the channels? According to M2M, that will soon be a thing of the past.

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Total control

With M2M, the viewer is in total control. They can choose the specific channels they want to watch, can cancel the whole subscription without any trouble, and can add or remove channels every month. The service works with an app on tablet, on smartphones and on television (duh) with a set-top box or Apple TV 4. M2M is also working on a app for your favorite internet browser.

Broad range of international TV channels

“We offer channels that you can’t yet view in The Netherlands,” says co-founder Edwin Snelderwaard. “We try, alongside Dutch channels, to create a broad range of international television channels. This way, the viewer has the choice to change what they want to watch completely.”


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