Norweigan e-paper tablet maker reMarkable raises €13.7M from Twitter, Slack & Oculus investors

Norweigan e-paper tablet maker reMarkable raises €13.7M from Twitter, Slack & Oculus investors

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Based out of Oslo, reMarkable is a Norwegian tech startup that offers digital paper tablet for reading, writing, and also ‘sketching’. Yes, while an e-ink Kindle only lets you read, this one actually lets you jot down your notes.

Recently, the company has raised $15 million ( approx €13.7 million) in a Series A round of funding from Spark Capital. It’s worth mentioning that the Spark Capital has also invested in Twitter, Slack, Tumblr, and Oculus.

The company intends to utilise this funding to accelerate the company’s growth and to bolster research and develop future products. To date, reMarkable has raised $25 million ( approx €22.7 million) from various funding rounds.

reMarkable was founded in 2013 by Magnus Wanberg in an attempt to create a device that would offer a real, paper-like experience, but be connected and limitless.

reMarkable founder and CEO Magnus Haug Wanberg said:

We have been in discussions with many investors over the past several years. From the very beginning, Spark’s alignment with not only our vision but also our culture made them stand out from the rest. It also didn’t hurt that they were early adopters and avid users of our paper tablet.

Offers pen-to-paper note-taking experience

Not Kindle, it is reMarkable that gives you a pen-to-paper note-taking experience. Notably, the company spent around four years perfecting the technology that mimics the tactility and immediate response of paper. It is a distraction-free slate, and it doesn’t offer access to the web as well.

Linux-based operating system!

The tablet features a 10.3″ display along with a pencil-like stylus and is shipped with the company’s Linux-based operating system. The company uses proprietary technology known as the CANVAS display that delivers a very low-latency, giving users the look and feel of writing on paper. Interestingly, the slate can convert your handwritten notes to typed text, making them easy to refine and share. The reMarkable paper tablet lets you take notes, doodle, and even upload documents or slides to markup as well.

Some specs! 

Talking about the specifications, it is 6.7mm in thickness and weighs around 350 grams. The slate features an 1872×1404 resolution display partially powered by E-ink Carta technology. It is powered by 1 GHz ARM A9 CPU along with 8 GB internal storage and 512 MB DDR3L RAM. The entire hardware is supported by a 3000 mAh under the hood.

YoY revenue growth of 32%

This Norway-based company has one of the most successful pre-order campaigns for a hardware startup in 2016, followed by shipping in the early fall of 2017. Right from 2017 fall to the end of 2018, the startup has achieved YoY revenue growth of 32% and organically grew from a handful of employees to more than 100 at present.

Shipped over 100,000 units 

The company aims to make paper digital and to push the boundaries of technology and its use as a tool to support better thinking. In an interview with Venture Beat, reMarkable told that the company had shipped over 100,000 units in the past couple of years, with total sales exceeding $60 million. The startup now has operations spanning across Asia, Oceania, Europe, and the Americas. In case if you are interested, you can get your hands on the paper tablet at 499 on their official website.

reMarkable VP of communications, Henrik Gustav Faller, said:

We quickly saw that the people who were most interested in reMarkable were the business pros and those that were using our tablet as a tool for note-taking, meeting notes, and to-do lists. For more than two years now, we have therefore not targeted sketchers or illustrators specifically, even though many within this audience have continued to purchase tablets from us.

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