Rent24 Magna Plaza, Amsterdam: 5 benefits of working in this swanky coworking space

Rent24 Magna Plaza, Amsterdam: 5 benefits of working in this swanky coworking space

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Picking the right coworking space for your startup is a big decision to make. Especially in Amsterdam, where the coworking transition is taking over, and the city is becoming a hub for more and more startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers with each passing day. With so many options, narrowing down your search to one coworking space is a tough call.


Hence, Silicon canals has come up with a series on coworking spaces, where we will tell you all about the benefits of picking a particular coworking space in the city. Recently, a Germany-based coworking space company rent24 opened its second shared office in Amsterdam in Magna Plaza, which is one of the tourist attractions in the city and is located behind the Dam Square. The second location follows within one year after the opening of the first one in The Bridge Building in Amsterdam-West.

Here are some of the perks you can expect if you plan to work in Rent24’s latest coworking space in the heart of Amsterdam.


#1 Centrally located, beautiful surroundings

Magna Plaza is an indoor shopping center located in a historical building, situated in Spuistraat behind the Royal Palace and is a perfect location for a coworking space. It’s easily reachable by public transport, few-minutes walk away from the central location and has lots of bar and café options if you plan to go out for networking drinks after work.

#2 Relaxed working environment

rent24 aims to create a very relaxed homey atmosphere for freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs. It is on the third floor of the Magna Plaza and offers more than 100 coworkers. There are free and flex desk options in a large open space, private offices, a meeting room and a relax room to make up. The interior is quite chic and design has a sense of a feel-good atmosphere. Hence, its suitable for those looking for a distraction-free creative environment to work.


#3 Exciting international network

Being surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and talented independent professionals are one of the biggest benefits of joining a sharing office space. All thanks to the location, rent24 has an exciting international network for making friends and this could help your business grow nationally and internationally. Also, the community is encouraged by hosting events like the Friday afternoon receptions, masterclasses, and workshops which support the growth of companies and foster exchange.


#4 Excellent facilities

Apart from a good working environment, leisure activities and important facilities are also very important to broaden your experience while working. A good coffee, sumptuous lunch, games room, good internet connection, private phone booth, skype call rooms and more add to the value proposition. And rent24 has it all! The workspace also provides flexible workstations in open spaces and private offices, communal conference rooms, lounge and kitchen areas as well as event spaces at its unique locations. There’s also a VR room in the coworking space.


#5 Affordable membership options

The most important part of renting a workspace is the membership fee and what will be the complimentary facilities provided including the package. Observing the benefits of the location, networking, and facilities, the membership fee of ren24 Magna Plaza, Amsterdam is quite affordable.

You can get a free desk for €200/month, flex desk at €350/month and fix desk at €425/month.


In addition to that rent24 members can profit from flexible contracts and access to all locations, worldwide. Currently, there are over 20 rent24 coworking spaces worldwide in locations including Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, and Chicago. Reportedly, rent24 plans to expand to more than 80 locations worldwide by the end of 2018.


Enjoy the video, and stay tuned to Silicon Canals for more update in the tech startup world.

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