Roadmap raises €4M in Series A funding: 4 interesting things to know about Dutch travel startup

Roadmap raises €4M in Series A funding: 4 interesting things to know about Dutch travel startup

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Each and every one of us loves to travel, right? But the exhausting part here is devising the plan. What if you get a tool that could clear your course, help you in making the whole traveling less of a hassle and heighten your senses, you will use it, right? Just like choosing right things for your trip, having a right app on your smartphone can effectively make your trip better.

This is where RoadMap comes to your rescue. Recently, Roadmap has raised a Series A round of €4 million led by Newion Investments and the Roadmap founders. For the informational purpose, Newion Investments focuses on B2B enterprise software companies and also known for its successful investment in Colibra and other leading B2B companies in its previous funds.

As per the CEO of Roadmap, Jeroen van Velzen, the yearly travel spend of the customers on the Roadmap platform has exceeded 3 billion USD, further, the engagement rates of the app are twice the industry average as well.

With the 4 million Euro fund in hand, Roadmap is expected to expand the marketing and sales department in addition to, enhancing the travel experience for the customers.

Let’s take a look at the Dutch business travel startup in detail.

#1 All-in-one travel app for business travellers

In simple words, Roadmap is a ‘for-travellers-by-travellers’ app. It is an all-in-one travel app that goes out of the way to make the business travel experience a seamless one. The Roadmap was founded by CEO Jeroen van Velzen, CCO Koen Bavinck, and COO Markus Emmer in April 2015, in an attempt to make a major change in the corporate travel industry which is 10 years behind and on enhancing the travel experience for business travelers.

#2 Connected to travel agencies and suppliers across the globe

This app acts as the much-needed tool (Intuitive Interface) in which all the corporate travel suppliers will be assisting the enterprises to manage their travel program better. In fact, the Roadmap platform is connected to travel agencies and industry suppliers across the globe to guide employees by sorting out all the relevant details into one, an easily readable content on the app. With Roadmap, the travel program will be optimized by providing the knowledge of locals, introducing them to some beautiful places to work, eat, and much more.

#3 Secure, discover and networking!

Safe and efficient commuting: This app guides the employees on transportations, safely and efficiently to their next destination provided its anywhere within the context of their trip.

Discover new places: Roadmap passes on the knowledge of locals to their employees overseas, suggesting them to cool places to work, network, eat and have fun.

Network the right way: It has a tool that lets you have two-way communication among travelers in reference to business, which ultimately creates an opportunity to network and have meaningful conversations

#4 Fierce rival to Google Trips!

Roadmap, being a tech upstart, has its infrastructure based completely on Microsoft product, in order to keep them agile in this competitive and changing market. Currently, the biggest competitors for Roadmap are Flio, Tripit, Concur, Google Trips and much more.

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