Sabern receives €2M funding from Ecart Invest: Can Dutch Scaleup make difference in online marketing?

Sabern receives €2M funding from Ecart Invest: Can Dutch Scaleup make difference in online marketing?

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These days, online marketing is the major investment for brands, be it big or small. In this digital era, if a startup want to achieve heights regardless of your industry, it’s crucial to have a reliable online marketing plan in place from day one.

Sabern receives €2 million

One such developing online marketing solution is Sabern, which has received a €2 million cash investment from Ecart Invest. With this investment, the company gains a substantial stake in Sabern through this transaction.

Scaling up!

With this fund, the Dutch-scaleup will be working on future product development, international business expansion and invest in customer success. Having said that, Niels Bouwman and Moniek Hop will retain their positions as CEO en COO respectively.

“We are extremely proud to have Écart’s support. Écart is a well-balanced investor with a long-term focus on customer satisfaction and with specific experience in IT and SaaS. With this collaboration we can strengthen the unique position of our marketing platform in the Create & Publish space. Moreover, we can innovate additional compelling features in the area of Artificial Intelligence and align with our marketing platform driving international expansion”, commented Niels Bouwman.

At present, approximately 80% of their revenue is generated by cloud solutions and related consultancy and services.


It’s worth mentioning that Sabern runs a signature online marketing platform under the name Brandifyer, which was launched in 2015. With this platform, the company makes sure that marketing staff, agencies, and employees can optimize the collaborative online experience.

Focuses on medium-sized Dutch companies

Écart provides venture capital to medium-sized Dutch companies, where the investment will be made by the way of shares or venture capital ranging from € 1.5 million to € 8.0 million per participation.

Besides capital, the company also provides knowledge, network and the skills and competencies required to encourage and guide company growth, either autonomously or through acquisitions. In case of acquisitions, Écart developed a beneficial method for both the seller and the acceding management.

“Sabern is a fast-growing SaaS company with appealing customers. The management has a good track record and has invested in the company itself. These are important conditions for Écart, together with investing in our IT/Saas focus segment. We are looking forward to supporting the management in further growth”, said Rolf Metz from Écart.

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