Sendcloud wins Deloitte Fast 50 as Camptoo claims Rising Star

Sendcloud wins Deloitte Fast 50 as Camptoo claims Rising Star

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Scaleup Sendcloud has won the 2017 edition of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Utrecht, while Camptoo has been named “Rising Star 2017”. Sendcloud, a technology company based in Eindhoven, has achieved a revenue growth of 5463% within four years, winning Deloitte’s award as a result. In total, 50 nominated technology companies came together to witness which spot in the ranking they would secure. 


Sendcloud had some serious competition though. As Bynder and VoIPGRID ended on the second and third place, they did so with big growths of revenue of 3792% and 2216% respectively. Still, these aren’t comparable to Sendcloud’s growth of revenue of 5463%, making Sendcloud a clear winner. Martin Wabeke, partner and director of programs at Deloitte, made a statement about these enormous growths of revenue. He stated: “At an average, the Fast 50-companies achieved a growth of revenue of 681% in the period 2013-2016. The Dutch startup ecosystem is also getting more diverse, as companies based on nano technology and manufacturing are joining the strongly represented software companies. Also, Sendcloud and Bynder are both former Rising Star winners.”

Do the math

If you do the math, the average revenue growth of the other 47 participants is 480%. All of the companies clearly have significant growths in revenue, but the leading companies are clearly in a league of their own. Winner Sendcloud has designed a tool for webshops, enabling them to process orders easily and effectively. Rob van den Heuvel, CEO and founder of the company, made a couple of promising statements following the win. He stated: “To win the Fast 50 after winning the Rising Star in 2014 is hugely rewarding to the company as a whole but also to our hard-working team. This is only the beginning of our journey to become the worldwide market leader.”


Rapidly growing companies that are younger than four years old can be in the race for the Rising Star Award 2017. After several elevator pitches for an independent jury, Camptoo was ultimately the startup that won the award. The companies’ plans were judged based on several factors. Among those are scalability, innovational drive, and potential revenue. Camptoo is a platform for renting and leasing caravans and campers.

Campers into the sharing economy

Martijn Peeters, founder of Camptoo, stated the following after winning the award: “We are on a mission to implement campers and caravans into the sharing economy, effectively making use of every camper or caravan available. It is amazing to be supported in this way to achieve this goal. This achievement proves to us that we are on the right track to becoming “the Airbnb on wheels” worldwide. It is fair to say that the company is ambitious. Maybe, like Sendcloud did, Camptoo will be Deloitte Technology Fast 50-winner of the next edition of the contest.


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