Similar Startups? Djeepo and Storage Share Compared

Similar Startups? Djeepo and Storage Share Compared

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In a world where startups pop out of the ground left, right and center, it could happen that you are not the only one that comes up with a brilliant idea. Of course every startup tries to be unique, different and world-changing. But sometimes it happen that 2 startups seem to have very similar ideas about a solution to a certain problem.  When we wrote about new Dutch startup Storage Share last month, readers asked us: “But What about Djeepo?” Good point, so this week we compare Storage Share and Djeepo who both came up with a solution: Bringing consumers in contact with each other to put their available storage space to use. But where do these two startups differ?

Focus on personal contact

Before looking into the differences of these two young and successful startups, let’s first list what they have in common. Both companies want to offer a solution to the problem of expensive and difficult ways of storing your stuff. Storage Share and Djeepo both saw the potential of putting unused spaces in people’s homes, garages or sheds to use. Both startups also focus on interpersonal contact, for most people a positive feat. You won’t knock on the door and have a friendly chat with someone from a storage company, but you would if you would store some of your stuff at your neighbour. They way in which these two companies arranged payment is also very similar, the consumer does not have to worry about these details, both Djeepo and Storageshare take care of a safe and trustworthy way of making the deal work.

Funny frog

When comparing the branding and feel of the two storage startups, it appears that Djeepo goes for a more informal and fun attitude. With a frog as their logo, Djeepo tries to make storing your stuff fun and easy. Also, they focus on building a community platform that can contribute to solving problems of a rapidly growing city.  The contact between consumers that together try to think about the environment, sustainability and a ‘better world’ is the focus of this company.  Furthermore their site is built around a map, where you can quickly find out if there are nearby locations where you can store your stuff.

Business partnerships

On the other hand, Storage Share has a broader focus when talking about their customer circle. Not only does their business model have a strong focus on consumers, the startup is also discovering the possibilities of partnerships with businesses. Storage Share see themselves as a facilitator between storage-seeker and storage-providers and helps them to make a deal that work for both parties. This deal should also make a positive change by increasing the social cohesion in neighborhoods. On their website like Storage Share also has a map with all the renting locations listed.

Intensive UK Accelerator Program

When comparing storageshare’s website with Djeepo’s there are some tiny details that give each company their own character and feel. But for the most part the two concepts work the same way. You are either a renter or a tenant, you can look for specific regions, see the space you sign up for, make contact easily and let the platform do the administrative part. One advantage that Storage Share has over Djeepo however, is that it has recently been selected as one of only four startups from the European mainland to join the accelerator program of UK investor Pi Labs.  Founders Niels van Eck and Julian Doorten announced the news with a photo of the duo in a classic London setting. After participating in what promises to be an intensive accelerator program, the Storage Share founders hope to roll out their product in the UK in 2018.

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