Stockspots expands to Belgium: 3 problems the Dutch on-demand warehousing startup plans to solve

Stockspots expands to Belgium: 3 problems the Dutch on-demand warehousing startup plans to solve

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The Netherlands-based Stockspots, in collaboration with Belgian rent-a-warehouse company Montea, announced recently to expand its ‘on-demand warehousing’ services to Belgium.

This makes it possible for Belgian businesses (also European brands) to offer 2 days or even same day delivery to customers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Stockspots’ 150+ warehouses serve as ‘Amazon-like fulfillment centers’ where customers can stash goods closer to major population centers in Belgium.

Here are the three key problems Stockspots is helping to solve in both the Dutch and the Belgian warehousing market:

#1 It saves e-Commerce and other businesses capital expenditure (CapEx)

To build and staff a warehouse is a major undertaking that requires both upfronts investment as well as ongoing maintenance expenses. For companies looking for storage capacity without bearing the associated costs of long-term lease, Stockspots’ solution provides a cheaper alternative.

So, whether it is a seasonal storage requirement or you’ve run out of space in your warehouse, customers can rent storage space for periods of 4 weeks or more.

#2 It sells warehouse owners’ spare space

“Total stock of logistics real estate increased by 6.5% to 30.6 million square meters in The Netherlands last year. The developers are expecting a lot of new construction for this year, which will further increase the chance of overcapacity,” observed Stockspots.

Overcapacity is a major challenge for warehouse owners. 30% space of sheds remain empty, estimates one source. It means any empty space Stockspots sells via its software platform solves the overcapacity issue.

#3 Stockspots improves supply chain efficiency by working with 70+ warehouse rental companies

Stockspots works with 70+ warehousing partners, thus improving the overall efficiency of the supply chain market in the Netherlands. We can expect the same to happen in Belgium after the company’s recent entry into the market.

Montea, the local partner of Stockspots expects e-Commerce giants such as or Coolblue to use the new platform’s where customers can also sign-up for Amazon-like fulfillment services.

Other startups rocking the legacy industries through their ‘sharing economy’ business model include Belgian startup Scooty recently acquired by Europcar, OneFit, and Dutch Airbnb for boats Barqo.

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