This innovative IT startup based in London ropes in €10M funding to further develop its messaging app

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U.K. based software startup AccuRx has raised €10M in a Series A funding round for its messaging app for doctors and general practitioners. This funding round was led by London venture capital firm Atomico and involved the participation from LocalGlobe and Entrepreneur First.

Where will the funding get utilized?

Currently employing nine people, AccuRx is planning to implement the funds in recruiting more employees. Moreover, the startup plans to create a team of 50 engineers and support workers.

Know more about AccuRx

The startup was founded by Lawrence Bargery and co-founded by Jacob Haddad in 2016. Initially, the startup had set its objective to transform data-set and tools, in order to assist in tackling the issue of inappropriate usage of antibiotics.

Now, the startup has transitioned by placing more emphasis on creating a wider communication platform, so as to connect medical teams and patients efficiently.

Know everything about Chain SMS

In today’s time, AccuRx is popular for its flagship product known as Chain SMS, a messaging app designed according to doctors, who can use the app to communicate with patients.

Moreover, the app has been tailored specifically to assist nurses, administration staff and practice managers, as well as general practitioners. The app was launched in February 2018 and has been used in over 1,400 surgeries by general practitioners in U.K.

Some of the key functions of the app include sending advice to patients, informing a patient about his or her normal results and reminding the patients to book appointments.

All the communication data is documented to a patient’s medical record to make sure that there is an effective and more combined approach as compared to the approach, which involves telephone calls and sending letter by post.

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