This Spanish startup is the world’s largest virtual conferencing platform and it just raised €4M to expand to the UK

This Spanish startup is the world’s largest virtual conferencing platform and it just raised €4M to expand to the UK

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For any business to thrive, it is important to have a fail-proof communication system. Smooth communication is an essential part and helps businesses by ensuring everyone is working in line with the overall company’s goals and objectives.

In this context, the communication tech has come a long way and is continuously evolving as well. One such example is Virtual meeting platform!

With the employees working abroad, and in various different places for companies, virtual meeting software seems to be the perfect platform to connect and communicate and to ensure the success of organizations. These virtual meeting software saves time and cost, improving effective and efficient communication in your business.

First expansion outside Spain!

Virtway, the world’s largest 3D virtual world conferencing platform, has announced that it has raised €4 million to fund UK expansion. This marks the first expansion outside of the company’s native Spain. The funding was led by Virtway Invest AB and was driven by high demand for the platform in the UK and the USA.

Virtway – Heads up!

Founded in 2014 by Jose Antonio Tejedor, Virtway is an immersive platform that provides online 3D virtual experiences such as conferences, fairs and training sessions.

The company’s advanced, in-house 3D technology allows for natural conversations via VoIP and 3D audio throughout the entire platform making communication almost the same as in real-life events.

Feel real and immersive!

With this platform, the Spanish company aims to make virtual events feel more real and immersive than ever before and help connect people, whether it be for professional or social motivations.

Reducing carbon footprint!

Interestingly, this platform enables organisers to create events that can expand their attendee list to more geographies, while significantly reducing the carbon footprint through reduced travel. Moreover, the detailed data insights on audience participation help them to better plan for future events as well.

Available on computers, Android and iOS platforms!

This platform can be accessed through computers and both iOS and Android mobile devices making it easier than ever to connect people from all over the world. The wide range of applications has seen it being used by companies such as AstraZeneca, Accenture, Everis, Manpower.

Jose Antonio Tejedor, founder and CEO said:

This investment will be a great boost to what we hope will be a successful expansion in the UK following increased demand from English speaking countries. It’s a really exciting time for the company with a huge amount of interest in the product from companies and universities.

We have an exciting and unparalleled product and are constantly working to improve the UX. There is no other platform that is offering the level of connectivity and experience that Virtway is currently bringing to the marketplace. The funding will be used to further improve the product and increase our footprint outside of Spain. It has come at a great time and we are looking forward to the next stage of our journey.

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