Startup generator Antler appoints European banking leaders to strengthen global platform: Check out other high profile hires

Startup generator Antler appoints European banking leaders to strengthen global platform: Check out other high profile hires

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For a business to grow, strong team management is essential to deal with various aspects right from meeting deadlines to building a client base. In general, a good leader can inspire employees to learn and grow within their positions.

Recently, Antler, the global startup generator and early-stage VC, has appointed Edward Knight as a Global Partner and Annette Wilson, as the European Chair and Advisor of Antler. Notably, Knight will also become a board member.

Antler – Breaks the barriers to entrepreneurship

For the uninitiated, Antler builds companies from the ground by identifying ambitious professionals and assisting them in launching businesses.

Founded by Fridtjof Berge, Jussi Salovaara, Magnus Grimeland, and Vegard Medbo, the company help determined people to find the right co-founder and connect them to a top tier network of 300+ advisors and experts worldwide.

To strengthen and support!

The pair join Antler’s leadership team led by CEO and co-founder of Magnus Grimeland. Knight and Wilson each bring different, significant experience to Antler.

Edward Knight has had a multi-decade career as a leader in European banking, most recently working at Goldman Sachs for just under fifteen years where he was a partner in the equities division, before retiring at the end of 2018

Edward Knight, Global Partner and Board member of Antler said:

I’m excited to join Antler’s global team and share my knowledge and experience to help build the next generation of innovative tech startups across the world.

Annette Wilson has spent the last twenty years in leadership roles in growth and venture capital firms that were focusing on scaling businesses across geographies. She was founding CFO of European growth investor, Palamon Capital Partners.

Annette Wilson, Advisor and European Chair of Antler said:

I look forward to being part of Antler globally and also contributing to the European expansion of Antler, especially as today we are seeing an increasing number of highly innovations startups emerging across Europe and the European VC industry is achieving excellent returns.

Quicargo appoints Sam Houwen as CCO to expand operations

Last month, Quicargo, an online marketplace for shippers & carriers appointed Sam Houwen as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Right now, Houwen is responsible for the sales & marketing, operations, finance, and HR departments.

Under his leadership, Quicargo must grow into a scalable online platform for freight transport. Previously, Houwen worked as CEO at Quick Parking, which offers airport parking services in six countries.

Sam Houwen, said:

I am looking forward to expanding the range, and there is still much to be gained in terms of efficiency of freight transport within Europe.

Check6 Announces Dutch CEO to manage multi-disciplinary teams

Check6, the London-based fintech company has appointed Johan Pieter Verwey as the new CEO  of the company as it expands operations to the Netherlands. Verwey, 44, previously served as an advisor to Check6, a position he held since 2017.

Furthermore, Verwey sits on the board of several technology startups and serves as an investment strategist and senior advisor to a Single Family Offices. Check6 will be based in Amsterdam’s main financial district, Zuidas.

Headquartered in London, Check6 provides technology that brings automatic data feeds and real-time, independent reporting solutions to the private wealth and banking industry.

Paazl appoints Jan-Willem Roest as new CEO to focus on international expansion

Paazl, a fast-growing SaaS company, announced Jan-Willem Roest as the new CEO, who also joins the company as a shareholder. After nearly ten successful years with PayPal, he will focus on the international expansion of Paazl. In addition to it, Roest has been appointed to innovate in the delivery industry and to upscale the software company as well.

For the uninitiated, Paazl develops and sells delivery management software that helps successful online retailers cope with the ever-increasing complexity of e-commerce logistics. The company built a data-driven algorithm based on real-time carrier data from over 50 international and local carriers.

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