StartupDelta and Chubb join forces to make Netherlands best startup ecosystem in Europe

StartupDelta and Chubb join forces to make Netherlands best startup ecosystem in Europe

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In a latest development, Chubb has become a partner of StartupDelta, who is on a mission to make the Netherlands the best startup ecosystem in Europe.

Room for entrepreneurship and support from established companies are essential factors. Chubb will help startups analyse, manage and mitigate their risks. Together with insurance broker Blue Risk it has developed the Startup Risk Advisory Desk, through which it will provide risk advice and tailor-made insurance solutions.

“Startups are indispensable for achieving innovation in the Netherlands: they develop new technologies and business models that can disrupt existing markets and lead to new opportunities,” says Ron Verhulsdonck, Country President at Chubb Benelux. “Of course their main focus is on developing and bringing new products to market, attracting new investors and the right people. They sometimes tend to lose sight of the risks they are facing, like liability or cyber risks. This is where we can come in to help. We like to share our knowledge on risk mitigation so that they can dedicate themselves fully to their entrepreneurship.”

Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy at StartupDelta said: “The Netherlands have everything needed to become the best startup ecosystem in Europe, as long as all parties – including established companies – commit themselves to facilitating startups. That is why I am very pleased that Chubb has become a partner of StartupDelta. Their knowledge on the risks companies face, within their own market but also when becoming internationally active, is of great value. Being a startup means showing guts and taking risks. But risks should only be taken deliberately and should be well managed. Only then will you be able to live up to your ambitions and dreams.”

On 31 May, Constantijn will present together with blockchain pioneer and entrepreneur Rutger van Zuidam during the Chubb Benelux Risk Forum, the annual event for risk & insurance managers in the Benelux. During their keynote Constantijn and Rutger will discuss blockchain and the possibilities the technology offers to organisations.

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